plagues and potato chips

Okay, so yesterday (or would that be the day before yeste....whatever) I had my splurge day. I probably, with the help of a bag of lays...choked down around 2800 calories. Now before I started on my 'new lifestyle', that kind of calorie count could've been accomplished in my sleep. Now it takes effort. Today I was back on program. Over the last two days I have walked an addtional 4.3 miles. Today I ate 1694 calories and walk 2.3 miles.
I like walking, I really do....however, today the fates were aligned against me.
I got a huge blister which popped and necessitated my taking off my shoe halfway through my walk. That being said I tried to keep up the pace. Then I ran into cujo, a St. bernard unencumbered by either leash or owner, but apparently too lazy to maul me, so satisfied himself with threatening growls and barking . I -limped by as quietly as I could. I round the corner and bam, what should impede my further progress but a two foot long snake, those of you who know me know what this means, yes I froze. I DONT LIKE SNAKES. He stopped-I stopped. He looked at me, I looked at him. I backed up two steps, He didn't move. I walked around. He obliged by not making any sort of threatening motions. I walked on, he slithered across the street. Then I ran into a swarm of gnats. That was my walk in a nutshell...hopefully Mondays walk will be better. Well, here's to Tommorrow.


Patty said...

Oh my, that was a doosey of a walk! Glad you made it back alive!! :-) You tell a good story!

Chris I saw you were looking at ways to track your intake, and wanted to throw out a couple of options I really like. Sparkpeople is great, and so is nutrimirror.com. It is really good with the feedback on nutrients, etc. The one I am currently using is a free download called "The Cronometer". I find it the easiest to use, but the calorie recommnedation was too high, which is odd, since this is designed for people following CRON "Reduced Calories, Optimal Nutrition"!?! (But it was easy to customize, so no biggie!)

HiddenJewel said...

Dogs and snakes and gnats, oh my! At least you didn't have to throw your shoe at any of them! Keep up the good work.

Amber said...

Wow, my walks are never that exciting. Glad you lived to tell the tale:) Ouch, blisters really put a kink in your walks don't they?
Well hopefully like you said Monday will be better.