When is it best to workout

Okay, I have GOT to switch up my exercise time. I just read an article about why exercising before eating breakfast can burn up to 300% more fat than exercising later. It's because after you eat you increase your glucose levels and your body burns through that before it even gets to your fat cells. Ugh. No wonder the army had us up at 5 in the morning doing a 6 miler. Well, whether or not I like it, morning it is. Tommorrow morning I am doing a 2.2 miler. I found out what my target heart rate zone was: You take 220 and subtract your age (35) and then you multiply that number by 85% to get your upper range and multiply by 65% to get your lower range...since I am classified as morbidly obese, when I exercise I can easily slip into an anaerobic state because of my low level of fitness...I need to keep my heart rate in the 120's to 130's. I need to be in the lower range or I am burning carbs and proteins instead of fat. So, exercise before breakfast in the lower range of my target heart rate. My calories today are around 1740. I exercised for 2 miles and at the end walked-jogged-walked for the last mile, which, according to what I just read, may have been a mistake. oh well, onward and upward.


wiwtlw Reason 6: Witchface. Adj. The look thin women give you when they are snots...usually when a fattie is doing one of two things. 1.) ordering food that she thinks is unhealthy or ironically 2.) Stepping onto the treadmill next to hers at the gym.


HiddenJewel said...

Groan. I've never been a big fan of reveille. If I stay up til four am and exercise before I go to bed does that count? :D

Christine said...

lolol.....um, I think in some world it would....man, I got up this morning and put on clothes (not workout ones mind you) and stumbled a mile and a half. ugh. Not a morning person either.

Amber said...

Morning has been better for me in the past but now with a littel one who doens't sleep much mornings are not always good.
Your doing great.