D8-A Day to celebrate my oldest daughter...

My daughter turns 18 on Monday...February 6th. We decided to go out to dinner tonight.  I did well with my calories...I put half my plate away in a doggie bag and split a dessert with my husband...he got the bigger half...
But what is more important is that my oldest daughter is turning 18.
I am so proud of her.
It goes fast..enjoy your children while they are here.
I will post more tomorrow.
I have been trying to keep up with everyone..
Hope it is going well..
will be posting another question in two days.
This one will be a doozy.
Have a great night.
Chris out.


bbubblyb said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. Time sure does seem to fly by.

Joy said...

Give her a birthday hug from me!!

Way to go on your meal!! Making good choices every day!!!

Keep focused!!

E. Jane said...

Wow! Eighteen is a milestone! I remember it well. Congrats to both of you.

I'm looking forward to the next question. The challenge is going well for me.

Anonymous said...

18 is a big one!!! Happy birthday to her.

Rettakat said...

Early Happy Birthday to your daughter! I'll bet you can close your eyes and see her in your arms as a baby. :-) Yep, goes by swiftly!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

How exciting for your family. Your daughter is about to embark on some of the most amazing years of her life as I'm sure you can well tell her. :)