weigh in numbers....and question 4.

I thought about how to post the weights...
I will be going from intitial starting weight..or it will get too confusing.

Jen B: -5.7
Alyce: -17.1 lbs
Lee -9.8 lbs
Ken: -17.6 lbs
Tammy: -11.4 lbs
EJane:  -4.6 lbs

Kathy: -3lbs
Shelaigh -8.6 lbs
Christina H. -.8 lb
Jo: +1 lb
Val N. -2.5 lbs
Kiran +.2 lbs
Barghavi -1.5 lbs
Sandra S. -.4 lb
Julie S. +3.6 lbs
Cheryl C. -0
Julie H. -10 lbs
Maya * did not report
April * did not report.

well...That would be four weeks of weight loss..weight maintenance or weight gain.
If I was a guessing gal...I am assuming some of ya'll didn't follow that whole 1500 calorie cap.
This would be a great four week period to try it.
See what the difference would be if you gave it a go.
I have lost 3.5 lbs.
I could have done better...especially with the exercise.
But I got it in..
I am going to send out question four tonight.
Question four looks deceptively simple..
But this is one that boomeranged me when I realized that I DIDN'T HAVE AN ANSWER.
That can be a very strange thing to realize.
So, check your in boxes..
also..I will be taking two or three days  off this blog.
I have a bunch of stuff to do with my oldest as regards college.
It's going to take all my focus.
So I will see you on Thursday.
Hugs, Chris


E. Jane said...

I'm home again, and it should be somewhat easier now. I'm looking forward to the next four weeks!

Sean Anderson said...

Wow---look at those numbers!!!! Awesome!!!

Jo said...

I am impressed with these losses. And this is such an easy challenge, compared with some. We must be getting our heads right.

Joy said...

Way to go on your weight loss you guys!! That is awesome!! Keep it up and stay focused!!!