do goodery

Well, not much to report on the diet front. I have upped my calories over the weekend because starting September 1rst I am making my four months to under two hundred run. Right now I am at about 226. I started this journey at 262.4.....I am only 27 lbs shy of 199. I have already lost 36.4 lbs. in 105 days, I can lose 27 in 122 days. I haven't been under two hundred in over eight years. This will be my Christmas present to myself.
Today was another chapter in my self improvement program. I took two girls from my troop down to angel food to hand out low cost frozen and fresh foods. It was only an hour, and it's only once a month...but I enjoyed that alot more than hanging out at walmart. No wonder people are always going around volunteering. I felt like I actually spent a productive morning. I start at the gym two days a week this coming week. I am going in the afternoons with my oldest daughter. The other four days will still be walking. I plan on upping my gym days to three in october and four or five in November. By December I will be going daily cause it will be way too cold to walk outside through about march. Better to ease in to the piranha pool than jump in head first, I always say. Hope everyone is doing well. Tommorrow I go grocery shopping for this coming week. I am pumped to say the least. Ready to go. Hope everyone out there is taking this one pound at a time.


Hanlie said...

That would be a great Christmas present! I have no doubt that you can do this. I think you're approach is very good. Good luck!

Patty said...

Agree...that is a fantastic present, and sounds like you have an excellent plan to get there!

Carlos said...

great plan and love that you take the girls for service... way to give back