Feeling lumpy.....

Hey all,
Well, I stuck to my eating plan today and I walked 2.8 miles. I don't know why but sometimes that walk feels easy and other days it feels hard. Today was a hard one. It was very hot, so that might have been part of it. I did it in about 50 minutes. I am trying to go faster, but my legs won't cooperate.
I have also noticed that while I continue to lose weight, I seem to be losing it in weird chunks. Looking at my thighs in the mirror, it looks like I lose a glob here and there. It's a little strange looking and I hope it evens out soon.

Okay, now I just want to blog about my little brother's new car. This is not my older not dead brother, but my little 'greatest person in the world' brother, little duane, or as I call him- pookie. If he reads my blog, I have just pissed him off ( I am the only one who calls him pookie, it's that or the other name....so pook it is) . So anyway, pook just got a new car and I am in full blown car envy. I am originally from Michigan and as such (if you didn't know) I must love cars. I don't mean honda civics or even my well designed, but quite boring, nissan quest mini van.

I mean muscle cars. My lucky little brother has purchased a new mustang....

Beautiful isn't it.....

If I haven't said it lately, I am so proud of him...he has really done a lot with his life. This car is the result of fiscal responsibility and hard work. No one deserves it more.

I'm going to HAVE to go to Vegas now just to get a ride....he's going old school. He is going to deck it out with flat black racing strips, new hood and spoiler, both in flat black...and new rims in flat black with five spoke rims. I asked if you could fit kids in the back. He said "yeah, but they would have to be small"....I am doing a form of chinese body binding on my fifteen year old as we speak.
Hope you all have kept to your own programs and are doing well.
Keep up the good work...
vroom...vrooommmmm....I wish..
oh well,


jo said...

Oh, I love Mustangs. Our neighbor's ex-husband has one, and he's often at their house picking up the kids. I just drool over that car! If only I were rich!


Congrats to your brother.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, we are a homeschooling family. We start our 6th year in September, my son is in the 8th grade.

Fat[free]Me said...

Yeah, some days the same walk can seem a lot harder, the heat probably did have something to do with it. And yeah, the fat seems to come off in different places on me too. Most odd.

That Mustang is fabulous!

Hanlie said...

I'm a petrol-head myself - always drooling over cars! Especially fast cars!

It's true that some days we're just "flat".