I hate committees

okay, I did not walk today...why you ask? What could have caused miss 'every day in may' six days a week, walk till you faint puke or die, die-hard excerciser to miss her evening walk??????
A service unit girl scout meeting. I made a commitment to be troop leader for a girls troop this year. I dropped everything, picked up my l ittle green binder (ate dinner early so now I am starving) and drove to the united methodist church, in the hopes that I would listen to someone patter on about something or other and be offered inappropriate food options. Well, I could have even stood that, if SOMEONE HAD BEEN THERE. Apparently, they changed the dates from today to YESTERDAY without informing me. So, I missed my walk for nothing, ate dinner early for nothing and now loathe the service unit leader person.

Rant over.

Onward and upward. I am going to try the gym for the first time tomorrow morning...(cue eery music) I am going to go so that what happened to me tonight doesn't happen on a regular basis, where something comes up and I don't get my work out in. I hate the gym on principle. Wish me luck. My calorie intake has been in the 14 to 1500 range the last two days. I am kind of liking feeling hungry a little as I have never done it before and it is a relatively new feeling for me. I like trying new things. lol.
I went to Michaels and hobby lobby and picked up a few items for girl scouts. I am going to have the girls paint hopes and dreams boxes and put special little items throughout the year. At the end we will do a show and tell. I started homeschooling my sophie. She is in third grade this year. I think it is going to be a good year all told. I hope you all are having a productive day. I gotta get off this computer or I am going to be tired tomorrow morning. Will write something better tomorrow.
have a good day,


Fat[free]Me said...

How annoying no-one let you know about the cancelled meeting - grrr! That is just the sort of thing that would throw me off the whole diet/exercise kick once and for all. In the past.

Love the idea of the gym as a safegaurd. I really enjoy having so much equipment to choose from and there are so many people working out there, that it motivates me to try harder too. Plus at least we have something to do when the weather isn't cooperative.

Love what you are doing with the scouts, sounds like fun and good luck with the homeschooling!

Hanlie said...

I hate committees too! Glad it didn't set you off...

Good luck at the gym!

Patty said...

I've adopted your one pound at a time plan. Glad you are over your stomach flu, and your previous post was so good you get a freebie for this one!

BTW, I had a major crush on Gordon Lightfoot...had no idea he was as old as he is.