monuments to sputidity

Hey all,
I looked and looked for a cartoon that has always been my favorite, it is this picture of a guy carving "I'm not sputid" in stone. Basically, a monument to his own 'sputidity'. I couldn't find it, (which is disappointing given that I could find a picture of a specific caboose in podunk michigan. Anywho....) Whenever I think of it, I laugh. Sometimes I look at how some people choose to exist, and think that someday they are going to look back at the life they carved and see then what was so obvious to everyone else, the glaring flaw that kept them from being the type of person they could have been. But by then, it will be too late to change it. Their sputidity enshrined, their legacy set. Take the death of Ted Kennedy. Whatever else he may have done, the one blot he can't shake is that night in chappaquidick. There were alot of little moral failings that led up to that night. Alot of other roads (pardon the pun) that he could have traveled prior to that fateful night. But what happened, happened. There is no erasing it. He has done so many serious and important things in his life (this coming from a conservative, no less) but his legacy will always be tarnished by One Big Mistake. He went on from there, became senator and I think, probably learned from what happened...but never shook it. Why is this on a weight loss blog. Simply put, about fifteen years of my life have passed since I have become overweight, then obese, then morbidly obese...I don't want to continue to have my life defined by something that is within my control to change. I have started down the road to change many times before, and then got lost, drove off a bridge and bam, back to where i was or higher. Up to my neck, in fact (or is that fat?). I have built my own monument to spuditity, it's my body. I am taking a jackhammer to this monument. One healthy meal here, one long walk there, five pounds here, ten pounds there.... and before you know it, I'm not stupid...anymore.
well, logged 1710 calories and a three mile walk.
Hope you all are doing well,


Hanlie said...

Funny, I was actually thinking about that the other day... I can never erase the 15 years that I was fat, nor would I want to, since they were still part of my life, but I would hate for them to be "all that she wrote".

Great post!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Nice analogy, Chris. Some people try to define Kennedy's life with that one tragic event, but I don't think he did. We all make mistakes... it's what we do next that counts.