It's a fine line....

between Dramatic and Poorly Planned.

I was watching, (yes I said watching) Ted Kennedy's burial on the t.v. the other day. The Kennedys usually do these things up right. I speak in particular of John F. Kennedy's funeral. Buried in Arlington at dusk. His widow and his brother standing in front of his plot, then lighting the eternal flame. Then there was Ted Kennedy's funeral, Which, By the end, looked something like this:
Only with less light.

I have only this to say...if you are going for symbolic, pitch black is bad.
Did noone think to bring flood lights, a flashlight, a candle perhaps.....
My favorite part was the fox news anchors opining on what would be the iconic moment of the day, talking about the probability of the honor guard folding the flag etc. All the while, we can't see a blessed thing, and neither could the poor child on tv crying "I can't see anything". My advice, next time...try something closer to noon or barring that, spring for some ambient lighting. Just saying. Funny how life (and the cycle of the universe) can pop the bubble of iconography. Well, Tommorrow I start (one day early I guess) my run for the border....under 200. Hope all is well with you guys.

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Sean said...

Well thank you very much for your comment, and your support. I'm glad to see that you are doing well in your journey and wish you much luck as you get closer to your goal.