Last month of missouri 60...

I have been doing Missouri 60 for a little over a month now. I started on july 1rst at 249, and currently I weigh in around 235. I still have the rest of this month to go, September 1rst is my last day, I will weigh in and have my friend take another picture. I will wear the same clothes I wore before. I have been really on target food wise. I even bought pizza for my family, and while they ate it I took a walk, then made myself turkey tacos for dinner. I can honestly say that the pizza didn't bother me. I also knew that I had pizza fixings for this coming friday in the fridge to include a whole grain crust, reduced fat cheese and turkey pepperoni. So, I have some pizza coming. I have eaten my weight in squash this week. I get on these kicks. I love squash. I take a little bit of olive oil spray, I cut the squash and zuchini into thin strips and sprinkle them with onion and garlic powder, bake at 530 degrees until they crisp up and then chow down. My friend gave me two huge yellow squash from her mom's garden, so I am in squash heaven. I have been getting the majority of my veggies that way.
The new trail I tried a few posts ago, the hilly one on post...I have made that a part of my regular walking routine. I go twice a week. Today I got a spiffy pedometer that told me how long my walk was. It is a total of 2.8 hilly miles, I really appreciated knowing. Next month I am going to start going to the gym twice a week so that I can switch up my cardio a bit. Today makes a total of three months since I decided to change my life. Tommorrow starts month four. I think when You decide to change your life, You always remember the day. Hope everyone is doing great, whatever your plans.


Hanlie said...

You're a constant source of inspiration for me. I'm so glad I found your blog!

Good luck with the rest of the Missouri 60. I still have a lot of work to do for that!

Losing it in Vegas said...

I must try that squash you talked about...must must must.

I need a neighbor with a garden, or time to start my own :D

Patty said...

You are doing great Chris! I love squash too. Yesterday, I took a giant zuchinni and grated it up then mixed it with an egg, some seasoning, and a little cornmeal and made "chips"...yum...now I can eat more salsa. :-)

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I didn't use to like squash but I do now. I also like what you said in the last few sentences. Very, very wise.

Good luck with the Missouri 60, you are off to a really good start!