squeeze time

Hello, I am back.

I have been busy the last few days. Next week I start homeschool with my youngest (3rd grade)and on Thursday of this week, my oldest starts back to school. Holy toledo. They seem to start sooner every year. Next year they will be starting in July. lol. I have also noticed that they seem to need parents to supply office products. This year we were asked for ?copy paper? Dry erase markers for the teachers and lots of other stuff. I think the schools must be feeling the pinch as well. I went clothes shopping with my fifteen year old. No easy task, I tell you. Although it is a bit easier than a few years ago when belly shirts and low riders were in. Now the eighties and all it's hideous acid washed jean loving, plaid shirt wearing, overly zippered fabulosity is back. I am now waiting in silent horror for the quarter back shoulder pads and aqua net super hold hairspray to make their re-appearance. I have an hour glass figure, and quite frankly...the eighties were not my decade. Anything that emphasizes my shoulders, along with baggy pants with PLEATS...not good. I hope by the time I get down to where i want to be, fashion will have progressed to a better decade for the short waisted among us. For those of you who have forgotten here is the new interpretation of the old theme, italy 2008:

As you can see, unless (and even if, as is the unfortunate case in the first picture on the left) you are six foot tall and 120 lbs....nobody can rock skin tight shiny lycra pants. If they can make a super model look porky, what will they do to you.
I rest my case.
Here's to the death of shiny synthetic fabric, high waisted pants, shoulder pads and frontal pleats...onward and upward I say. I walked 3 miles, and ate 1730 calories. I hope everyone had an excellent and lycra free day.


Hanlie said...

Oh no! I don't think I can go through eighties fashion again! I will go hippie, I swear...

Patty said...

I'm already Hippie, and I'm not changing no matter how skinny I get. Fashion sucks. :-)

jo said...

When my son was in PS, we had to do copy paper, ziplock baggies and if we could, a roll of film aside from all the other stuff. Back to school shopping got expensive, and I only had one kiddo. This year we spent a whopping $26, and that is because I bought him a $20 TI-34 calculator. I guess that doesn't count all our books, but sheesh.

Oh, the 80s--I love the 80s, the big hair, the acid wash jeans, the shoulder pads (I have no shoulders.) I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's better to see high-waisted pants than whale tails and cracks. lol When I wore those lycra-type pants, it was always with very long shirts not short like in the photo. That does look rather too revealing and ugly. lol

And don't laugh, but I have Aquanet in my bathroom. And on occasion, I use it. lol