phobia defied....

HA HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Take that fear of being seen and fear of people in moderately large numbers.
I have said that this year was a year in which I wanted to push myself a bit. Well, I have started doing that by becoming troop leader to my daughter's girl scout troop. I have a problem talking to more than one person at a time, I am not sure if this is a product of growing up in the country with relatively few people around or if I am just not a big fan of groups. I did it though. Today was the first meeting, seven girls and eight or nine adults. Normally I hide in the back. But because I am the troop leader, I had to stand up there and *gasp* talk to people. I could feel myself breaking into a sweat a couple times, talking too fast a couple times and losing my train of thought a time or two. But, nothing too noticeable. Somebody even said that i was 'well organized'. My level of organization was of course, in direct proportion to my feeling of impending ineptitude. Now only about 20-22 troop meetings left to go.
This is one of my character flaws that I have been wanting to work on for a while. I never put myself forward. When this opportunity presented itself, I found my mouth forming the words "I'll do it". Panic ensued, items were collated and lists were formed. That's okay, because I am tackling it like I do everthing else when I set my mind to it, head on. I hope I am better for it by this time next year.
What sorts of fears do you need to tackle?
Walked 2 miles after the meeting and am at 1200 calories so far...we'll see.


Hanlie said...

Good for you! I am also much more comfortable dealing with people on a one-on-one basis these days. It wasn't always the case though - I used to take a leadership role in most activities in school. Now I don't even go to places where I know there will be lots of people! It's not a debilitating thing for me though, so I'm don't think I have to work at it - not now anyway.

What I have been working on is my fear of photographs. For years and years I've shied away from having my picture taken. But these last few months I have made a point of having a few pictures taken every month. I'm actually quit enjoying it!

Roxie said...

Great post and attagirl! I'm discovering that I've lived a fear-based life. I'm working on them now, one fear at a time.

You are doing great work!