exercising without the gym or a sidewalk...

Hey all,
still here in ohio.
I have been trying as hard as I can to get my workouts in and let me tell you, it's not easy.
A.) for some ungodly reason the people here in butler county don't believe in sidewalks....so I spend my walk run time on the narrow shoulder of a two lane road trying not to end up road kill.
B.) It's MUGGY.
I am from colorado...humidity here...like 70-80 percent.
It sucks.
I can't wait to get back to the land of  'dry heat'.
C.)No where to work out...
this is no joke.
I have my exercise matt and I had to move furniture and kick people off the tv to get some jillian in...as for weights...I did those in the computer room watching gramma and sophie play wizard 101.

Now food.
Actual contents of the refridgerator here:
lemon meringue pie.
three bags of candy bars..
Two packages of cheddar cheese
beef spare ribs covered in barbque sauce
mashed potatoes.
on the counters...
nuts with chocolate covered raisins...
in the freezer
ice cream
ice cream bars
dream sicles
frozen meats..
and Pork
I went grocery shopping and picked up some of my go to foods.
turkey sausage bell peppers and squash\
I BROUGHT fage with me.
and honey
and peaches.
I knew these three days would be an all out assault and so prepared accordingly.
I have two days left here..
then it's on to easier pastures.
At my moms house I have a nice road to jog and walk on...
a lake nearby
and a virtual junk free zone.
So the last six days...while internetless...will be alot easier to navigate.
My last post here will be on the 13th...
The morning of the 14th we leave here and head to an internet less land....
The next time I will blog will be the 21rst.
So...two more posts and that's it for a week.
Hope my fellow challenge people are doing well with ttheir exercise.
remember..one hour a day, every day.
Hang in there.


MargieAnne said...

Oh heck! A minefield if foodiness.

I do admire your resolve to not let it distract you from your goal.

I know you're taking care on those roads. I hope there's not too much traffic. And I don't know how anyone lives with high temperatures and humidity. I will never forget walking through the exit door at Miami Airport and into a sauna. It was quite a shock.

Anonymous said...

Chuckle. I live in Pennsylvania. Your description of where you are--except for the food--sounds just like home. chukcle. It does. lol. sidewalks... only city folk have them. hahaha.


Do have fun on your trip, and congrats on scouting out your own food.


sidewalks hahahaha...

Dominique said...

You poor thing, sounds like you have gone to weight-loss Hell. Stay strong! You're an inspiration to us all!

Leslie said...

Steely determination, thy name is Chris! You're amazing.

I'm from PA too, and the weathergirl just announced "more humidity on the way" for today. You'd think we'd all be endlessly moisturized!

Missa said...

it is amazing how another person's fridge can seem like a warzone. Good for you for coming to the battlefield prepared!!


Natalia said...

Good for you! Staying on track in that house, wow, you ROCK!!!

Learning to be Less said...

Good for you! It is so hard to not eat your way through vacation. You are making me proud. You are a total weight loss BAD-ASS!!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Chris, I live in Ohio so I know your pain. The humidity is always like this in my area.

outdoor.mom said...

wow that would be hard!! good job shopping and perserving with the exercise :-) be careful on that road!!

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

You are doing *so* great, Chris! It's really hard sometimes to stick to healthy habits when you're in an "unhealthy" zone at someone else's house. I have friends/family that are too embarrassed to go out and buy their own food or make the workouts happen. I have NO shame in that regard and take food with me everywhere! Keep up the great work, enjoy the time at your mom's, and we'll miss you while you're on blackout!

99ToGo said...

Your commitment will pay off!! And only two more days; you can do it. We'll be travelling to my mother-in-law's in a few weeks, and her house is a war zone, with junk-food galore. My local gym will give me a travel pass, so I'll be ducking out to get some alone-gym time! Anything to cope, and come out on top, right?

Anonymous said...

Way to go on picking up and bringing your own healthy food! Have fun on the next part of your adventure.

Robin said...

Well, I got my Saturday Snark after all. I posted on my post that I was going to miss your Saturday Snark and I was really bummed about it. I am from Ohio. I now live in Georgia. So, I know all about humidity. I spent a summer in Colorado when I was in college. Loved that dry heat. I feel your pain. Where in Ohio are you? I laughed at... well your entire post. The sidewalks and the food situation. Hang in there. And don't become roadkill.

Retta said...

Roadkill... LOL! That's why I don't try walking on my street, too. And I'm IN a city. The folks that built my street must've been from Ohio. ;-)

You are setting the bar high for Determination. Great example for all of us who are tempted to let excuses have their way. Go Chris!


paulawannacracker said...

That refrigerator is a mindfield. You were smart. Being prepared is the key. I know what you mean about no sidewalks. I have absolutely no sidewalks for two miles around me.

I admire your commitment Chris... Enjoy your vacation.

Tammy said...

I'll have you know I hit the trail bright and early this morning while Dwayne was still in bed...today...SATURDAY...the day I said I wasn't going to do it...how's THAT for keeping up with your challenge?? lol :) It's totally gonna' suck when you can't post for a week. :(

Anonymous said...

The humidity here is high 90's most of the time. I feel your pain.

Tara... said...

hey I was just in Butler county last week...Liberty Township to be exact.

Did you see touchdown jesus?