Fictional Men I'd do.....or the plastic joy award.

So after I begged was awarded the plastic Joy award from fellow blogger Robin over at Your daily dose....I thought I would post for your perusal, my five fictional (well four fictional...one historical) crushes that I would drop trou for.
So, following Robin's example, I posted videos.
I only have five....but they are some good ones. I will explain each one.

Kyle reese
My first huge crush. I was 14 at the time I watched this, terminator had been out for a while but I had never seen it. I despaired of ever finding a guy that I could like, let alone sleep with. There was NO ONE in my school that even remotely got me going. So there I am, sitting at my mom's boyfriend's house with his daughter and two large dobermans when who should appear but Kyle reese. I thought "Hey, he's cute!" when he dropped out of the sky.
About the time he broke into the store and ripped off some clothes, stole a shotgun, sawed it off and tethered it to his arm....Well, I was in love.
I knew I had found "my type'.
When he told Sara he had saved himself for her....um, swoon...and then when they went at it on the fridge...best.sex.ever.
Just sayin.

The last samurai...ken watanabi.
 I know, I know..Tom Cruise was in this movie...Tom cruise of the greasy, long hair.
 No thanks.
I'll Take Ken. His quietness, his skill with a sword, his Honor.
There is nothing more sexy than a man with integrity and honor...and he gives great face.
As you can see, I dig soldiers.

Sonny Corinthos
Um, He has honor too...just a different kind. Also he loooooooves to touch and be touched. He is very sensual.
He treats ladies like ladies. Always. He is a gentleman in his own way. He also takes care of business....let's put it this way, I wouldn't have to defend him in a street brawl, or calm him down.
Very nice.

Steven Earl Johnson
 Pool Hustler and former Merchant marine and all around good guy. Loyal almost to a fault. Also tough with a tender heart. And a guy who can rock a mullet. And his jeans...but mostly I think, it's his voice...mmmmmmhmmmmmmm.

Joshua Chamberlain
I realize I am kind of breaking the rules here...but he WAS a character in a  movie and when he breaks out his brass balls and and tells his men they are going to charge down that hill and then yells bayonets. Well, let's just put it this way, I would make sure he had a comfy bed to come home to. I love you joshua. lol.

You all may be wondering where on earth is Christian Bale...I never really fell in love with Christian Bales characters...I just like him. lol.


Well, that is all....My fictional crushes...How's that for whimsy? lol.
(Even though all my dudes are fairly intense.)
have a great night folks.
Talk at you later....


Julie Lost and Found said...

LOLOL You're too funny.

The Exquisite Christine said...


Kim said...

(giggling) Please PLEASE can I get this award passed on to me? It'll be so fun!! Me= need fun right now. Ok, I begged...yes, I begged. No shame here. lol.

Oh, and I second Sarah and Kyle forevah!!

Sheilagh (60 x60) said...

LOL I like it.

Aylilth said...

haha very good!!!

Hanlie said...

Mmm, interesting. I think I'll do the same!

Robin said...

I loved it! I even watched the Steve/Kayla scene to the end. I know that I saw that when it was on the first go-round, but didn't remember it clearly. Same goes for Sonny/Brenda. Did you know that Brenda is coming back to GH? And Sonny is currently unattached? That will be Interesting. I can't say that any of your crushes were whimsical, but there were definitely patterns there. Enjoyed them all!!!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

You really have a thing for the bad ass type, don't you. LOL! I have a major crush on Robert Downey, Jr.-the clean and sober version, not drugged out mugshot guy.