tripalogue part deux-or the importance of controlling your environment

Hey all,
So we left off with our drive out.
Now we are at my in laws house in Ohio.
I think I did something fairly heinous which was inadvertantly delete all my vacation photos...fun.
hmmm...I made a slideshow with 20 pictures and I think I can get them (some of them) back..but it will take time.
so pictures will have to wait for now...which kind of stinks..but I won't dwell.
My mother in law did a ton of picture taking.

My mother in laws house is a very open and welcoming house.
It is also loaded with all kinds of treats and goodies.
The area is not conducive to exercise.
It would have been different if I had actually lived there or something.
I would have a gym membership.
But I don't, so I didn't.
I wound up jogging every day I was there.
I also wound up saying no to nearly every meal.
I went and bought my own food, even though 'healthy' food had been purchased.
The first night I was there was beef spare ribs with bar b que sauce and mashed potatoes and corn.
I had to say no to all of it..
I got..."corn is a vegetable".

No, it's not...corn is a starch.
I didn't say that...I just kind of moved on.
It's just a different way of thinking.
I am used to delineating between starches, veggies, protiens and thinking of food as fuel, not a treat.
It's a strange mindset to many people.
I can't tell you how important it is to control your environment.
I held it together for the three days I was there.
It was hard.
You see, I don't keep candy bars...I don't eat chips.
I don't have Ice cream sitting in my freezers.
I set myself up for success.
I keep my area clean.
I keep good food in eyesight.
I don't buy fast food, order pizza, or eat out every other night.
I set rules for consumption.
A good breakfast full of protien (eggs and/or yogurt) and a starch, either a fruit or a whole grain. two cups of coffee, Lunch can have more starchy stuff...but dinner is protein (lean) and veggies..No more than 1500 calories,and I try for 3 cups of vegetables a day. No sugar except for in my coffee etc.
Yes, I am free to choose...within my constraints.
not an option.
one hour a day, 6 days a week minimum.
I was thrown out of my comfort zone.
I enjoyed visiting with my in laws...I am glad my kids got to see their grandparents.
I also got to see what living a healthy life may avoid in the future.
I have no garantees, but i am glad I started.
If I lived there, here is how I would convert the atmosphere.
sugared snacks.
candy bars
ice cream
white bread
chocolate covered anything
full fat cheese
(except for tenderloin, an excellent choice)
white flour anything.

Replaced with
Whole GRAINS Not whole wheat
veggies...green ones
all kinds of vegetables
you name it.
fresh fruit
all kinds
2 percent dairy or less
granola bars

And I would invest in a good gym membership.
The roads I jogged on...No shoulder whatsoever..
So everytime I got passed by some hillbilly who had never seen a jogger before,
they would beeeeep and yell...get off tha roaaaad...
I would yell..
get off your fat @ss and take a jog.
It was all good.
Did I mention that it was like 90 and 80 percent humidity..
It was so hot my gum melted IN THE HOUSE.

Tomorrow I will talk about my mom's house.
Hope you all had a great night. I know I did.
I got to the gym. Did 55 minutes on the elliptical and then 13 minutes on the stairstepper.
I did 140 situps and my upper body weights which include:
lower back extensions 3x12 40 lbs
tricep extensions 3x15 60 lbs
flys 3x12 40 lbs
lat pulls 3x15 40 lbs
That's it.

I ate 1470 calories today and burned 700 calories
That would be a 780 calorie deficit.


Christine Jeske said...

I admire your vacation choices! When I went home to my folks last month I was confronted with the same and I ate a ton of onions and eggs and tried not to insult anyone with my crazy fanatical and unsettling ways . . . Good day today. ♥

Alexia said...

hahaha at your comment on my blog! you're wonderfully crazy! (but i'm seriously considering if that would work)


Julie Lost and Found said...

Whoa..I wanna be just like you when I grow up!

How did you develop so much discipline? Did you just decide..just decide one day that this was it..and that was it? Has that always been your nature?

Great job on being good to yourself!

Aylilth said...

So hard I know when visiting others, you did well tho!!!

I think thats one of the hardest things when loosing temptation's and the fact others are not in the same mindset as you are.

Again well done!!

Retta said...

Corn is a vegetable...ha ha ha ha... they must be relatives to my husband.
His favorite "veggies": corn, peas, potatoes

Good job at holding the line. Being a "guest" away from home is tough.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how much our environment plays into our success. Good for you not letting yours define you though.

Tammy said...

Welcome back! :)

Helen said...

Just got back from an impossible to control environment myself. Awful. Even the best choices I could make were bad. Suffice it to say, I'm glad to be home.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote the Vacation Plan post on Monday. And I was surprised at how many people suggested that I "take it easy" or "treat myself". I don't know. I guess I'd rather keep the white-knuckle grip on my fledgling diet plan, spend that hour a day working up a sweat, and come home NOT pissed that I again have to take off the same few pounds I've already lost so many times before. You know?
So. Good work you. Still can't wait to hear about Michigan.
And "corn is a vegtable." Snort.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

LOVE the "corn is a veggie" talk. Sounds like my family in the midwest. Half the time when they come to visit, they can't identify the vegetables at dinner (besides the salad, but btw do you have any ranch dressing?!?)!

Good for you for sticking to your plan on vacation and jumping right back in at home.

Onewhocares said...

Wow, well done Chris! What a great attitude you have!

Robin said...

Sounds like your vacation was illuminating in many ways. That is good. Now you know. You will be better prepared next time. You also will have appreciation for what you have going on at home. That is ALWAYS a good thing. And it sounds like someone wants to be nominated for an award... I'll think about it:-)

Tara... said...

Welcome home and way to kick ass!