Catching a Vision....

So, You've lost some weight...
Your feeling pretty good, aren't you?
Heck, you might be feeling so good..your tempted to stay Right. Where. You. Are.
Why continue to say no to doughnuts?
Why continue to bang your head into a wall?
Heck, I was a size 24. Now I'm a 14.
That's pretty good.
It's the Average size of the Average American woman.
Who do I think I am....special?

Yep. FYI  She's 35 years old...BMI 21.3 HT:5'2 Wt: 120
Here is the picture I have saved as background on my computer...

You may wonder why I have Jillian Micheals saved on background.

Why, everytime I open up my computer, Do I want to see this staring back at me?


I needed to see something I wanted to become.
Because who I was, was someone I didn't recognize.

I spent years avoiding my image...avoiding seeing myself.
Then one day I looked up and BAM!
There I was...with no idea how I got there or how to get out.

I thought:
What if I could start all over again?
Who would I choose to be?
What would my life look like?
What would I change.
I didn't know...and then...
Then I did.

That next day, I got up...put on my walking shoes.
I didn't put on those walking shoes so I could someday be a size 14.
I didn't put on my walking shoes to hopefully get to a point where I wouldn't be ridiculed.

I put on those walking shoes so that someday, I could put an outfit like that on....and go and have my picture taken...and if not look EXACTLY like that...look d*mn close.
It was a vision of how I wanted to look, who I wanted to be.
Confident, Powerful...In Charge of my Life.

So, yes...I could rest on my laurels..
look 'good for my age'...
But quite frankly, after losing 84 lbs...investing 8 months of my life.
That just isn't good enough.
Not for me.
I deserve better.
I deserve to finish this the right way.
At Goal, On Top.
When I do, I am taking that picture and putting it on my blog.
I want to show everyone what is possible when you don't settle.
So, If you don't know what you are aiming for..
Then it's time to find out.
Catch a vision of who you want to become.
And become it.


Amber said...

Great post! It's great how your are able to stay so focused and on track. At this rate you'll beat me there!


Sheilagh said...

Fabulous post, oh to have had such vision and determination at your age;o) You Go girl!!

Linda Pressman said...

How do you always say what I'm thinking, Chris? So many people lose weight and then stop short of their goal. Maybe they're terrified of being thin, they get sick of the hard work, whatever. But so many people stay 30 lbs or so heavier than they really want to be. And you're right. Did you start this so you could end up a size 14?

I was never able to imagine any size lower than a 10 (I'm 5'6) and when I hit a 10, I just about bought a wardrobe of 10s. But I kept eating the new way, and exercising, and I guess there was a different plan in store for me, because, guess what? The 10s got way too big. That was really all I could imagine when I was heavy. Who knew I had small bones?

Great post!

266 said...

Thank you. I have tears running down my cheeks.

Retta said...

This is so good.

My husband taught me a saying: He who aims at nothing usually hits it.

So having a vision is important. Good, good post!!

Natalia said...

Nice Kick in the pants! I'm still at the beginning of my journey, but I may print this to help motivate me down the road! :)

Boozy Tooth said...

Oh girl... those abs!

I have no delusions that at 51 I will ever look like Jillian Michaels, but that's not stopping me from getting as fit as I can possibly be.

Yeah - after losing a lot of weight there are issues with elasticity and stuff - but I just keep doing my FIRM workouts and walking my butt mile after mile after mile. In spite of my age, I'm improving. Won't ever be a twenty-something hard body - but will be the best dang middle age woman you ever saw.

I love your confidence, Chris. You really inspire me not to get lazy just because I've reached my goal. You inspire me to keep fighting the good fight and stay focused on good health.

Yay for us.

Vagabonds Mercantile said...

I have to admit I am really sick of seeing that woman. But you have a point about the vision.
Great post.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I can't wait to see that picture, Chris! If I had abs like Jillian, I'd walk around in a sports bra and tiny shorts all year round. LOL! I know you love Jillian (she scares me!)She is a great inspiration to many since she had to work hard for that body and had weigh issues in her younger days.

Beth said...

Not sure what image I'm working for, but definitely want the confidence part!

Joanne said...

What Beth said!!

I am just so inspired by you and I love how you put on your shoes and just started -- just started and working your way towards a spectacular you (which you always were and always will be!!)

Alexia said...

I needed to hear that. Never settle, Alexia. Never.


Unknown said...

Great post!!! You are so on track of this journey! GO GIRL GO! :)

Melissa said...

WOW!! You are so right.
I am totally with you on this. People ask me why I keep pushing because to them I got to my goal. But like you, THAT'S what I want (well, close to that anyway).

jo said...

Kelly from Happy Texans had this exact photo on her blog yesterday. As I told Kelly, Jillian scares the heck out of me, but she is hot, hot, hot.

I have no idea what weight I want to be, but I do know I want to look, feel and be fit--which also equals hot. lol

Olivia said...

Eee! I'm so pumped after reading this! :)

Unknown said...

I have a "Vision Quest" book. I've tapped pictures of past, present (ME) and what I want my future to look like in there. I've also got a ton of positive statements listed in there. I read it every once in awhile when my drive is wavering. It is very helpful.

I just saw that pic the other day on Jillians FB fan site - she said she did it for FHM and didn't like the picture. I think it didn't fit her persona at the time.

Unknown said...

Great post! Just what I needed today!

antgirl said...

A vision of the ahead is what keeps us going. I look forward to seeing your success.

Anonymous said...

Chris, what an awesome post! I know what I want to look like, and I hope you don't mind if I steal the idea you've started here and post something similar. I LOVE the idea of getting folks thinking about putting a VISUAL to their goals. Keep it up!

MB said...

Excellent post! I'd be happy to have clothes in the single digit sizes but we'll see.

Jillian has a smokin' body but I wish she would stand up straight. I hope when you take your picture you show her what good posture looks like. ;)

Rock on.

Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

Just wanted to say - I have done a lot of body comparisons this last year (to my embarrassment - I know it's wrong to compare my body to other's body, but when you're losing weight it's difficult to not compare) but what I want to impart to you is that this photo is not a nice photo. It is unrealistic and bordering on anorexic. I know the media has lead us all to believe that people looking like this are "perfect" but it really isn't healthy. It's most likely photoshopped! It's disgusting.

You deserve better! Curvacious and sexy, not thin stick twig girl. Please don't think I'm being harsh to you- I'm not trying to be, I just want to shake some sense into you. We are NOT meant to look like this. It's not real. It's not beautiful. Every body is different, but I know that Flat doesn't look good on anyone.

Hope you're doing well otherwise. Keep up the good work.

Miranda said...

Ummm... truly truly amazing and inspiring post. Thank you. I've needed a good kick in the ass and this just might do it :)

But also wanted to tell you that what you've ALREADY accomplished is absolutely amazing and rare and I hope you find true happiness in that with or without becoming the vision you want to be.

Christine said...

um actually, she weighs 120 pounds and stands at 5'2 inches...this isn't anorexic, as it is well within healthy bmi ranger. Stick thin is Kate Moss. 120 pounds on a 5'2 inch person is healthy.