food storage...weight loss holiday.

hey all...
Ate maintenance calories and walked a mile.
I am currently cleaning out my cupboard in anticipation of setting up food storage.
Am currently looking at four year old beans...which I am ppretty sure would probably taste baaaad.
If I chose to eat them.
I saw this link....I like her ideas.
It seems workable...understandable...and tasty to boot.
She has great personal style as well.
hope all is well with you guys.
Your food storage starter,


paulawannacracker said...

Yes, food storage is important. I recently tried to use everything in the fridge, freezer and pantry before going to the store. It helps...

soontobe...skinnygirl said...

I did much the same about a week ago. Cleaned out my pantry and made a list of what I had in there so that I can use up what I have. It's amazing how much more room I have and more than that I really took note of the things I have on stock...mostly healthy, thank goodness!


Christine Jeske said...

Woohoo tnx for the storage link. And I love that you have a start picture up now. I need to stare at mine often to remember. Never going back!

Oh and I love the Jillian Micheals quote too. ♥

Linda Pressman said...

Good job, Chris. I guess one of these days I should venture into my pantry instead of just giving everything we don't eat away at the next food drive!