cleaning up around the edges...

Hey all,
Well, had a pretty good day. I made it to the gym.
I did an hour on my elliptical and burned 708 calories.
Then I did 150 situps, instead of 200...mostly cause I thought I was going to throw up.
There is a stomach bug going around, I hope I haven't caught it.
Hope all is going well with you.
This week I am going to try and 'clean up around the edges'.
I am going to eat only at prepared meals...
no in between snacking.
I will measure everything, no guesstimating.
I will exercise every day.
No waffling.
One clean week...it usually leads to another.
My official weigh in is on March 1rst.
I am hoping to hit 172 for a clear 90 lb loss.
I think I am pretty much there...I just want to make sure all my I's are dotted and t's are crossed.
I am in the low 170's as of a few days ago.
175 at night...even lower in the morning.
That means that I am not only closing in on 90 lbs lost,
but I am also closing in on the overweight as opposed to obese catagory.
In a few more pounds (at 169) I am technically overweight.
Having been obese now for years and years.
It will feel awesome to be able to officially call myself merely chubby, and mean it.
The last time I was in the low 170's was in 1997 or so. When I lost 21 lbs and went from 179 to 156...only to regain it because I got frustrated that it wasn't going fast enough.
I lost 21 pounds in three months.

I know.

Ridiculously childish on my part.
And self destructive to boot.

With a few more years under my belt and a whole lot more experience with waiting...
this time is different.

I will get to 156 again....and I will keep going.
Because this doesn't end once I hit my goal of 132...its all about maintaining.
Its about consistency.
It's about the rest of my life.
And also....
I am only 35 lbs from a normal bmi....
35 lbs.
I remember looking at fat free me in the 170's (she has since hit her goal) and being unable to imagine what it would be like to be in the 170's....
I see melissa from that whole knitting and running (sorry, can't remember the whole she bang...good web site though) and she is so thin...I can't imagine being that thin.

Luckily my weighing 132 lbs doesn't require imagination.
Just persistence.
I will get there and so will you.
It is just a matter of time, patience and being consistent....
Nothing too sexy about it...
have a great night all....
Keep on going.


Amber said...

Sounds like we were kinda on the same wave link today. Check my post.
Good for you. I can't believe it 90 lbs. I can't remember what 90 lbs looked like on you.
You are doing amazing!!!
oh, and by the way 6 is great!!!

see ya

Linda Pressman said...

Chris, when I was losing my weight, I had this doctor appointment and they weighed me and I had tears in my eyes. They thought I was upset at what I had weighed in at. But I had honestly never expected to see the 170s again in my life. Then, guess what? I lost 40 more pounds. I think a lot of time people set high goals because they're looking at their weight from a high weight down, but you're looking at it correctly, from what's truly normal. It is obtainable and maintainable. You'll do fine. There are plenty of normal bodysized people in the world. You'll be one of them.

Kim said...

Wow! 35lbs. more...that's awesome. I can't even imagine what that feels like. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Patsy said...

Hope you feel better and it isn't a tummy bug...

Ellen said...

90 pounds! That is so fantastic! Just imagine a 90 pound person walking around - that is what you lost. You are amazing, girl.

Anonymous said...

You just gave me my quote of the day. This doesn't require imagination, just persistence. LOVE THAT THOUGHT. Because you're right.

So, I did my workout at a gym last night and the line of treadmills was behind the line of ellipticals and stairmasters. I was looking at them all trying to decide who was arnold and who was christian.

Tammy said...

I love that you said it doesn't take imagination...just persistence. Right on sister! :)

Helen said...

Just persistence. Don't quit, just keep going. One clean week leads to another. All so very true.

Anonymous said...

Definitely quote of the day material. It doesn't require imagination, just persistence. My word lately has been determination. Willpower comes and goes, so does motivation. DETERMINATION, persistence - these are choices. Thanks for the reminder!

antgirl said...

No, there isn't much sexy about it, is there? LOL Good line.

You'll do it. I know.

Bob West said...

Good news here ...
You are an inspiration

MB said...

I'm jealous. I did an hour on the elliptical at the gym today but only burned 550. Looks like I need to step it up a notch if I want to catch up to you in the 170s.

It's so inspiring to watch you get such good results and being so consistent. Keep up the good work.

I can't wait 'til that Wii board stops calling me obese.