lucky to have people to love....

How are you all...
I am posting late tonight.  I had a very full day.
Alot of it was cookie related.
We had our cookie booth and we sold 113 boxes.
I would like to thank Amber who brought the all important table...without which we would have been hawking cookies out of a slightly shady looking minivan, and Brooke who was good fun...They both follow this blog.
And a shout out though she may never read it...to Cheryl...who is one  heck of a cookie seller.
We had a great time with the girls.
I had a good time watching my daughter sell and communicate like you wouldn't believe for an eight year old.
She sold a lot and was really on her game in regards to how much things cost.
I got my exercise in....

To the title of my post.
Family isn't always easy.  We all have quirks that can make us difficult to live with.
I have realized that I have been harder on the people I love the most, than I am to virtual strangers.
I push my oldest daughter hard...harder than I really should...because I want so much for her to succeed....That sometimes I forget to tell her how proud I am.
I intend to do that more.
I did that a few days ago, looking at her act scores.
I just felt so proud...not for me, but because she is living up to her potential and I am so proud of that.
But I want her to know how much I love her apart from performance...just for who she is.
We have a whole world that will love us when we are perfect.
We need people to love us when we are imperfect.
Speaking of that.
I was so proud of the girls in my troop tonight.
We had a lady who had cerebral palsy...I think.
It was a struggle for her to walk, to pick up those boxes, to talk even.
Sophie didn't bat an eye. 
Grace didn't bat an eye.
Mariah didn't bat an eye.
They weren't scared...
I hate to say this, but I think at 8- she would have scared the bejeezus out of me.
I don't know if it's because they are all home schooled..or what.
They treated her like every other customer.
When she left,  Grace turned and looked at us and said "She had a limp", and shrugged.
I love kids.
Some of us don't have a limp....
But maybe life can get too much, and we don't react the way we should.
Sometimes instead of a 'good talking to'...that person needs loving confrontation.
Then they need a hug.
I was always good at the *ss kicking...I am getting better at the hugging.
I look around at this world and think...man, there is so much pain...so much judgement, so much hate...
we need a bit more love.
I am lucky to have people to love.
I am lucky that I can lie here and hold hands with my little girl and talk with her, and listen to her read me a story. When there are parents who can't.
I can talk to my teen because we have a good relationship.
I understand my husband enough to get him through a bad mood.
I can call my mom tomorrow, and roll my eyes when she calls me Chrissie.
But secretly feel safe, because she is still there to call...and I know I am her little girl, and that's why I can roll my eyes when she calls me Chrissie.
Life is about people.
Life is about having people to love...whether it be family or family of the heart,  your friends.
Enjoy every moment.


bbubblyb said...

Great Post Chris and so very true.

LInda said...

Raising kids who see what's inside and not just what's outside - that's an amazing gift. And I think you're onto something there, Chris. My kids have learned many things from other kids, not from me. Remove the other kids from the equation and I'd think we'd have pretty sensitive, empathetic children.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Fiona said...

Fabulous post.

Retta said...

"Family of the heart"... that's beautiful.

Ellen said...

Yes, we are so lucky to have family. I am lucky to have my 86 year old mom. She is so special to me.

Glad you had such a meaningful cookie sale! Happy Valentine's Day!

Unknown said...

That's a whole lotta cookies! Happy Valentine's Day Chris! Have a great day! :)

Robin said...

What a great day. I love it when I get the lessons life teaches me in the now and not later. Hindsight is great and all that but when I can be thankful and appreciative today and see things crystal clear as they are happening I feel so blessed.

Hanlie said...

We are lucky indeed! My husband and I are both over 40 and both still have all our parents and siblings. And they are all in good health. Of course, the best part is that we have each other. I love that man!

Foodie Girl said...

Lovely post. I think about my own son and what a wonderful young man he is turning into. Although he and I may have a different relationship than he and his dad, I know my son knows he can come to me about everything. It won't be awkward, and it will always be honest.

Healing said...

I am the same with my family too. I know that sometimes I have to take a step back and just let things be. Its the hardest thing to do.

I'm also working on being 'nicer' to my family LOL THAT is hard work.

outdoor.mom said...

we do need to be thankful for our loved ones :-) Happy Valentines Day!! I bet you'll be glad to be done with those cookies!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, what a great reminder. We are so often harder on our loved ones than anyone else. And knowing you're loved NO MATTER WHAT, rather than just for your successes, is SO VERY IMPORTANT.