perfect ten update...and I am feelin a little edgy....

Hey all.
so quick perfect 10
6 days of cardio...done.
3 days upper body..nope...1 day.
3 days lower body...situps 200....yup.
water intake...nope...4 out of 6
in bed by 12....most nights.

one thing you all don't know...
I have a birth mark on the bottom of my right foot.

I keep tryin to up load a picture of my dress and I can't.
It's making me angry....that and my keyboard has turned southern and keeps dropping my g's
so how edgy am I...
This edgy.

I went to the bank today at safeway to get change for delivering girl scout cookies.
I go to the counter and ask for change.
They ask me if I am a customer...
I say no...but I am only needing change...not to cash a check.
So the chick says "generally, we only give change to customers..."
so I say okay...and then get half way out of the store and say "h*ll no".
(If I don't get the change there, then I have to go down to walmart...and waste 15 more minutes...It was 4:15 at that time...I wouldn't get home and start delivering until almost 5:15...it gets dark at around 6 to 6:30...and we can't deliver after dark)
I go back and say "I would like to speak to your manager."
He comes out and I say....Is it really your policy to only give change to members?"...
He says "Yes."
I say...that is the policy of this bank?
He says "kind of..."
I stare at him...
He says....what kind of change do you need?
Now, I may have door mat stamped on my forehead...but somehow I don't think that is the policy of that particular bank...and should I have chosen to make a stink with a letter I have a feeling someone would have been in a sh*t load of trouble.
Maybe they don't like to....whatever.
But that is no way to snare new customers.
I got my change.
I rarely ever do that...but how ridiculous.
Whatever happened to customer service?
And another thing...I don't remember the banks asking if we were customers before they stuck their slimy paws in our pockets to bail them out of the stinking festering mess they had managed to get themselves into a while back....didn't matter that neither I nor my husband nor my children were "members' of their bank then, did it?
rant over.
I will try one more time to upload a picture.
Hope you all are having a good night.
I can't upload a picture for the life of me..
I have run crap cleaner and the whole nine...
screw this.
I am going to bed...
Have a great night all.
Your edgy blogger.


Fiona said...


Retta said...

Sorry you had a tough day. But glad you didn't let them blow you off at that bank! Sheesh, no way to entice new customers!

I wonder... would the "old you" have allowed them to treat you that way, instead of speaking boldly up? Just curious if losing weight has added to your confidence level...


deisegal said...

You go girl!!! ;)

Syl said...

how annoying! Glad you stood up for yourself!

Anonymous said...

You are doing well with the "Perfect 10" challenge!!!

Hopefully you get the pic up later.

Here is a nice, soft hug to take away your edge. (((Chris)))

Christine said...


what he said...

Melissa said...

Good for you. Way to stand up for yourself!

Bowmanh23 said...

I used to work as a bank manager for different banks, both national and local. I can honestly say that there has never been a policy not to give change to noncustomers. Where do they think new customers come from? Do they think that is the way to get a new customer? By not offering hospitality? With the banking situation the way it is, they can't afford to be rude. I am glad you went back in and talked to the manager. I would even say you should write a letter to the bank's corporate office. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Linda Pressman said...

I would have loved to see a complaint letter hit one of those trouble shooter shows: "Woman goes into bank to get change for her Girl Scout cookie sale and bank manager refuses help." Headlines around the world!