Tempted to use profanity...

But I shall abstain.
Let's just say today DID NOT go like I wanted it to.
I was forced into corners left and right...and by the time I climbed out of them..
I didn't go to the gym.
I did spend 45 minutes on the phone at walmart with my bank cancelling my bank card.
Which I somehow managed to lose in the space of a 30 minute time frame.
I did spend one hour ferrying my daughter to a roller rink...30 more searching for parking, more hours making a cake., and helping my youngest pick out a present..all of which I loved.
I need to get used to the fact that party days are bad days to go to the gym.
I told my oldest that While today could be regarded as stellar in the birthday sense...
for me..
this day in dietopia never happened.

I can't wait for tomorrow..
back to the gym, back to my elliptical and back to my fat burning ways.
Food today.
1 and 1/2 cups of spaghetti with a cup of sauce and meat.
1 cup of green beans
1 slice of chocolate cake.
I am somewhere around 1500 calories i think...
I didn't have a chance to eat through the middle of the day....
I ate breakfast..
then I ate at 8 o clock at night.
I don't want to talk about today.
I will be glad to put this in the dustbin of history.
My daughter had a great time with 7 of her friends at a roller rink.
She wanted a party with just her and her friends.
So..as tempted as I am to write today off...I am glad it happened.
Both now and 16 years ago, I am glad she had a great time.
I really need to organize my days better.
That is part of my problem.
As I recall, I didn't have time for much sixteen years ago today, either.
But as a result I have a lovely daughter.
One day won't kill me.

Have a good night all,
See you tomorrow.


Linda said...

Classic life of a mom: "I ate breakfast, then I ate at 8:00." I know. There have been those days since becoming a parent when I have to hang up my plans. These days have become less and less frequent over time with me less and less willing to hang up my plans. A party day is a perfect example. When they were little and sick, also a perfect example. But yeah, with you this motivated and ready to work and to not be able to have the day the way you want? That's frustrating.

See you tomorrow!

Learning to be Less said...

Man, kids sound sucky. You should just pretend they don't exist and go to the gym anyway. Just kidding!

Sounds like a frustrating day though. I took a 3 hour nap after my workout. Don't you wish you had those days back? Again, just kidding. Sleep is not very meaningful and fulfilling like bringing new life into the world but today I enjoyed it. But I did not get cake either.

Just gotta say, your comments on my blog make my day. So funny. So, did you skate? Could have been your workout....or you could have fallen and broken your face.

Retta said...

What's up with Saturday and plans?? It happened to me, too. Up to my eyeballs... bottomline, didn't exercise today. Now to meet my goals, every day will need to be a "double" day, doing both of my chosen exercises each day. Oh well, you win... you had better reasons than me! LOL!

I hope your Sunday goes better.

South Beach Steve said...

"My daughter had a great time . . ." Enough said.

Make it a great day!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

The fact that you miss your no exercise days is really a good thing. It means that you have developed some good habits. I've been sick since Tuesday night and I'm dying to get back to the gym. Does that sound crazy?

Melissa said...

The days I miss exercise usually lead to something kick butt the next day. :)
Don't beat yourself up about it. Remember, we need to make this new lifestyle manageable in the long term and there will be bumps in the road and we need to figure out how to roll with them.

Helen said...

Part of the battle is having Plan B to Plan Z when Plan A doesn't work. I can only say this as I keep trying other things because my supposedly foolproof Plan A isnt' working for me right now.

TRUST ME when I say that one day you will look back and your daughter's party will mean everything and that missed workout, well it will be just blip. You were a loving, caring, great mom Saturday and nothing is better than that!

Foodie Girl said...

Looks like we both had one of those birthday weekends! Wouldn't give it up for anything.