Now, it's time to get serious....

I think I channeled Jillian yesterday...lol.
I am getting myself into a new frame of mind for February...It's my 'serious' frame of mind.
I can't even type that without feeling a little gooby.
But, I plan to do some form of activity everyday in February...
It's one month (28 days actually), and if people could survive the gulag, I can do this.
I am trying a new approach to my calorie intake.
I want to cut some of my portions again to see what I can be 'satisfied' on.
I will keep my calories above 1200 but below 1400.
This is for the month of february.
So, every day and on February 6th is my lone, high cal. day.
My goal is to get to 170 by the end of this month.
If I do, then I  would only be 38 lbs  from my goal weight.
That  is a couple of *warning....scatalogical humor ahead* big dumps in comparison to the 80 some odd pounds I've already lost....There is less room for error, and so less room for fudging the calorie budget.
It will feel good to discipline my body.  To take control of it.
I am also going to try and attend a Krav Maga class this coming friday.
It's a form of self defense developed by the Israeli military.
It uses your instinctual responses as the basis for it's technique.
There is a free introductory class, so no harm no foul if I don't 'like' it.
This was my next step in getting healthy, making sure I feel safe as I get smaller.
Being able to break limbs should do the trick.
Well, going to be signing off, cause I have a ton of stuff to do tonight.
Won't get to all your blogs, but i will try to pop by a few.
Have a great night,
Your seriously serious blogger,
no really,


Unknown said...

I'm right there with ya Chris. I'm going to kick my butt this February and get this ole body dropping weight like it has never seen before :)

Alexia said...

I love the idea of disciplining your body. It's exactly what I'm trying to do. For instance, only eating when I'm hungry, not because I'm bored, depressed, etc.

Christine Jeske said...

Yeah I have been thinking about that too. How my fat had been my "security" blanket and now that I am smaller I am less comfortable walking alone. Definately time to find security elsewhere and pursue self defense training . . .

Kim said...

As I was reading your blog I had a swirled vision of Rambo, Jackie Chan, and a little bit of Jillian. LOL. Wow! You are so motivated...I'm gonna have to get in on that. :) Good luck!

Linda Pressman said...

Well, you know I'm cool with anything Israeli, Chris. :) Krav Maga should be great. Of course I'm too wimpy to try it. I'm sure one day I'll be fine fending off an attacker with Jazzercise moves...

paulawannacracker said...


I like your new photo. Conrats on 188 pounds. Your drive and determinatin is all inspiring. I seriously mean it. I have no doubt that the end of February will find you thinner and leaner.

Gosh, I wanna be you. No seriously, I wanted the pan dulce tonight and I'm all.... no, Chris can do it, so can I. It's on the counter and I don't even want it. I made the bean salad recipe that bitch cakes had on her blog and it was really good. Although, I only got two servings out of it and not 4.

Have a great evening.

Melissa said...

You are going to rock out February. You are a workout MACHINE! :)

Daniel said...

you know this might be the first time on your blog because i don't remember you being a serious weight taker offer, off er, off, but i can see i have been relenlously teasing you for a bad reason....you are just like amber, i am not sure about brenda however and reva and me are too sick to really run with you youngsters, good luick to yopu whose nam,e i cannot spell or pronounce....the putz

Christine said...

well thank you putz, you can call me chris.

South Beach Steve said...

The Krav Maga class sounds very interesting. I can't wait to read more about it.

Sevenbeads said...

"I want to cut some of my portions again to see what I can be 'satisfied' on."

Portion control is so important. I often eat whatever is there ...like in restaurants. But I bet that somewhere along the way, if I put my fork down, I'd be fine.

I'm working on portions this month too. Great post!

Helen said...

I was just reading on What A Splurge's blog about a new goal and deadline she had set for herself. I'll repeat what I said there: I think small attainable goals are great. I love your idea of kicking butt for the month of February. It's 28 days, it's doable and if you're really suffering, there is an end in sight. I take Muay Thai Boxing and have really enjoyed it. At the end of March I will be moving up to the next level, which will involve having to do some sparring, which I'm not so fond of. March-June will be the time I have to evaluate whether or not I want to continue practicing or find something new.

Anonymous said...

I can't *wait* to hear about the Krav Maga class! Please tell us all about it!

I have a thought for your calorie-wise: if you do the same amount of calories (roughly) every day for 4 weeks, your body will get VERY efficient at using, then storing those calories. Have you thought about mixing up your calories throughout the week? Like one super low day (1,200 calories), one high day (1,900 calories), and 5 days varying in between? I think something like that would keep your body guessing and keep your metabolism cranked. Just a thought!

Christine said...

Good point...hmmm. maybe 1200 then 1600...or something.
Your right, the last thing i need is for my body to go...oh, we are starving...let's slow down.
It shouldn't be a problem the first week,but after...
I will think about it.

antgirl said...

Will be interested to hear how the class went.

You set some great goals.