Do what is necessary

Hey all,
How are you all doing?
Good I hope.
I did a 3.2 mile walk today and ate 1735 calories.
In reality I was supposed to have a high calorie day yesterday....I didn't want to.
I settled for a maintenance day today.
Mostly because I want to be well in the 160's by my birthday (on march 17th).
I have become a lot more consistent in the last two weeks.
January and the beginning of February were real struggles in the' little bites' category...
You know what I mean.
A little bite of this...A little bite of that.
I weight 175 AT NIGHT.
Which means I am a full 25 lbs away from 200.
For me it's like moving away from the scene of a crime.
A crime against my body.
I heard someone say the other day...or write the other day...I don't know which...
That You don't do what you can to achieve what you want...you do what is necessary.
What is the difference.
Well...there's what you think you can do....and then there is what you CAN do.
Like, before I hiked 22 miles with a hundred pound ruck sack, I didn't think I could.
after....I knew I could.
Why did I even attempt it.
Because it was necessary.
Necessary to graduate basic.
It's the same way someone runs miles in a tragic accident...
or cuts their arm off with a dull swiss army knife without benefit of anesthesia.
Sometimes we have to do what is necessary.
What is necessary for me to continue to lose weight, is for me to continue to say no to things I THINK I want, in the moment. Things like a cookie, or a piece of pizza.
Things like taking the day off from the gym. Not because there is anything wrong with me...but because I don't FEEL like it.
I am fifty fifty most days going to the gym.
Luckily, I don't rely on my feelings to get me there.
I have a car.
Your body does what you tell it to.
Make this journey towards health a necessity.
Like food
Or water...
or breathing.
Because it is necessary.

signing off,
Your tired blogger,


Amber said...

That's right, we both have b-days coming up. Hmmm I'm thinking time to go out...uh DANCING !!
Whatcha think?
I think the your new fancy red shirt and the really nice black jeans from Jenn.
I think a night out is necessary, don't you?

Alexia said...

I'm losing weight because it is NECESSARY to being a happy, heathy person.

Thank you for that. I'd never considered it.

Christine said...

I think your right amber...sometimes dancing is NECESSARY...LOL.
Um...maybe...or how's about my new dress as a shirt. Who knows.

Kim said...

Good post...good pep talk. Thanks. Oh btw, I know you just went through posting 10 bests, so I dont want you to think you have to go through the process of doing again b/c I gave everyone an award. lol Really, thank you for the encouragement and the distraction...it was just what I needed. Blessings to you.

foolsfitness said...

I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for your comment...

You are an inspiration pulling toward your future self.

Your pal at Foolsfitness- Alan

Fiona said...

Very true. I look at it like my job. If I want to get paid I have to go to work. If I want to be slim I have to follow WW.

Retta said...

"Sometimes we have to do what is necessary..."

That's kind of like what Sir Winston said:

"Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required." --Sir Winston Churchill


Miz said...

my weekend was the same in a way.
I did what I had to not necessarily what I wanted to.

Leslie said...

Good stuff Chris. Yes, a 200 pound body that I'm still lingering too close to does feel like hanging around the scene of a crime. Your progress is great. I truly hear you softening and being in a smooth groove. I mentioned you in my post yesterday - check it out if you feel like it. You were smelling like a rose - me, not so much! But I will.

Tara Stevens said...

Another wonderful motivating post, thanks :-)

Mrs. Smith said...

Absolutely! I went through something like this this weekend. I wanted to stop running as soon as it got hard, but then realized that it's not supposed to be easy..

Syl said...

nothing about weight loss is easy, every day is a fight and you are proving that you are winning the battle, great work!

Helen said...

I love your thought that 175 is a full 25 pounds away from 200. Way too often we don't give ourselves credit for where we are because we are looking at where we're trying to go.

Unknown said...

You have been hightailing your ass right past me in the weightloss arena because you have been doing and I have only been thinking.
Thanks for this post Chris. I needed a kick in the pants today and this post hit the nail on the head (or rather my head).

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I wrote a similar piece today about not allowing yourself to indulge in a conversation with yourself that includes excuses. I see working out as a necessity, just like going to work in the morning. You don't have a choice, it is a matter of survival.

Tammy said...

Awesome post girl....and I'm kind of enjoying finding out what all my body will do. I mentioned several posts back in one of my posts that your body will do what you tell it to. You are absolutely right. I hiked 4.8 mi yesterday and just got back in the door from a 3.5 mi walk at the park today....headed to the gym tonight for my normal workout. Feels good to be doing something right...can't say that for my food intake though. Maybe one of these days I'll get it ALL correct.

antgirl said...

It is necessary for so many reasons. Good post. :)

Anne H said...

Hi Chris!

outdoor.mom said...

you look fabulous Chris!

Linda Pressman said...

Love the scene of the crime analogy, Chris. And it is an amazing thing to think that there's so much weight between you and 200 when I'm sure for so long you just wanted to get below 200. So Congratulations. You never have to live like that again.

Hanlie said...

I like the "scene of the crime" analogy A LOT!

I actually used the phrase "I feel like hurting myself with food today" this morning, which stopped me short. As they say, many a true word is spoken in jest!