Hello all....
How have you guys been...haven't been making my rounds as of late.
I am really missing out.
I should be back up to full speed by tomorrow night.

I went to the gym, I did an hour on Arnold...and I ate 1560 calories.
Pretty good.
I burned 720 and did 200 situps.
I would say that would put my burn in at  at least 750
If my bmr is on average 1750 (I weigh around 175)
And I eat 1560....(leaving me with a 190 calorie deficit food wise)
And I burn 750 calories on top of that....
That puts my total deficit in at 940.
I am going to keep a post of that kind of record every day for the next two weeks and see if the weight equals my calculations....verrrrry interesting.
Now for my title...
I have had a couple of 'strange' encounters with people.
Somehow weight loss comes up...I say I have lost nearly ninety pounds and they say...

What do they think former fat people look like.
Did they think you would have 'former fat girl' inscribed on your forehead?"
Just a question.
Now, I still have forty pounds to go.

but still...it is by far the most irritating reaction.
I don't mind the
or the
You look greats....(who WOULD mind? ;oP...)
I could even take the occasional "so, still a couple of pounds to go yet,  ey's?"....
but  the
It makes you wonder.
Do they think you are supposed to look like a deflated jelly fish?

tonight...I am doing my situps. Before I start...these two ladies ask to share my mat...(It's more than big enough...so I say of course)
There is a whole boy scout pack doing pushups on the rest of the mats...must be some sort of mentoring program.
So anywhoo.
I am somewhere around 170 or so....situps that is....
These ladies are done...they get up and are standing there when one of them looks at me and says
"You look familiar...."
I say, I am here all the time...
She says "I live here too...lol."
Then she says "I've lost a hundred pounds."
I say "I've lost 90.'
She doesn't say...I never would have guessed it by looking at you....
she says "Awesome Job!", and bends down for a high five while I am on sit up 180 or so....
I give it, and say thanks, You too.
Maybe only former fat girls get it.
Kind of like Army wives and the phrase
"I don't know how you do it?"
Insinuating all sorts of things without really saying anything.
Thats all for now...Man are my cupboards ORGANIZED...LoL.
Hope all is well with you guys....
Tomorrow is girl scout meeting night...we earn a science in action badge.
Wish me luck...
Former fat Girl...


Linda Pressman said...

Hi Chris,
Well, I always get that comment, even from people who knew me fat, so certainly they can imagine me fat, right?

I figure that it's because I look right at my weight, so right that it's inconceivable that I weighed 86 pounds more, and because I worked out always that I don't have hanging, loose skin (that they can see, lol!).

But great on meeting someone else who's doing it too in your town.

Retta said...

I've been doing the wt loss formula for awhile. It is interesting, but for me it has wiggle room. I have been careful with the numbers, yet I always lose about half of what the formula says. Hmmm.

There must be some adjustment for metabolisms, though I haven't found a chart on that. But it's a fun "guesstimate". Gives me incentive to try harder.

I'll be interested to see how your experiment with it turns out.

Fiona said...

People are funny!

Patsy said...

Sometimes people say the weirdest things, simply to make conversation! I had a lot of that when I lost the weight (all 245lbs of it!) the first time around and I used to think "I bet you'd think of me as a 'former fat girl' if you could see the loose skin on my thighs!" lol

Miz said...

people DO say the oddest things.

I now just tell myself "its all information" :) and move on with my day.

Ellen said...

Isn't it great - being a former fat girl? You must be so proud of yourself!

Leslie said...

You could view it that they are saying they can't imagine you being so much heavier because you don't carry the telltale signs of loose floppy skin! Being pretty young and uber active, you may be able to have relatively little of those "war wounds". Anyway - you've read my thoughts on how people can say such weird stuff. You're doing fantastic.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Although I've never said it out loud to someone, I have had the thought 'wow, she just looks like someone who would never have to watch her weight.' I guess the best response when someone tells you they lost a great deal of weight is to congratulate them.

Melissa said...

I can totally relate to this post. I never know how to take the comments. My new boss who only met me after losing weight commented that he would have never guessed and had described me to his wife as one of those skinny people who exercise alot and can probably eat whatever she wants. Mind boggling I tell you!!

Then just yesterday a friend asked me how much I had lost and I told her 50 pounds and she commented that she would have never thought I had that to lose. I wasn't really sure what that meant.

I hope you get more comments of how awesome you are doing. If you have a minute to encourage a friend of mine, please stop by her blog.... lauraleanewme.blogspot.com

You are doing awesome. We'll be celebrating 100 pounds before you know it!

Tricia said...

From friends/family I get the comment, "I never knew you were THAT fat". (When I tell how much I've lost)

That comment frustrates me, yes its nice that they didnt see me as "fat", but I just have a hard time believing it.

Youre doing a great job, and you look FABULOUS. :)

Unknown said...

I get the- "I think you look great, I cant imagine you heavier" comment a lot. What the heck is that comment?? Gee thanks?? lol

You rock girl, keep on going- I know you will! :)

Robin said...

I have several theories and they could all be wrong. But here goes... 1) I am not convinced that people actually listen anymore to other people when they talk. I am not applying this to all people. However, some people are thinking about what they are going to say while you are talking and miss half of what you are saying and then are left with an inadequate response to what you actually said and then say something lame because they actually caught part of it and what they did catch negates whatever they were going to say, so then they say something like "Really," which covers a lot of ground and actually means nothing. 2) People have limited reference points. Meaning I understand physical abuse in theory because I have seen people after they have been abused. I know people who have been abused. I have been verbally abused and know what that feels like. But I think to really understand what it is to be psysically abused and to know it someone has to beat the the crap out of me. It is then and only then that I can sit down with someone who has walked that path and have a "real" conversation about what that is. People who have never fought a battle with weight don't have a reference point for what you're doing. They don't mean to be unkind. And, lastly, 3) Sometimes people say dumb things. Have you ever walked away from a conversation kicking yourself? Three hours later you come up with what you should have said. Four hours later you have five difference responses that would have been better than the stupid thing you said. Fact is, people aren't perfect and their mouth works faster than their brain most of the time. It's unfortunate. I wish the reverse were true. I would spend a lot less time with my foot in my mouth, but there it is.

Like I said this could all be completely off the mark but maybe somewhere in here there is a little bit of truth that makes some sense to you. Hope it helps. Have a great day!

antgirl said...

I still get weird comments even though no one in this town has ever known me as fat. We moved here when I had just lost all the weight.

I decided not to take it personally. Most of the time it really has nothing to do with you, it's the other person expressing their own short comings /insecurities. It helps to just let it roll off my back and move on. So do I always? No. But I try. :D

Anne H said...

Real-life people (and even some bloggers I know)
are way off and sometimes out-of-line...sometimes...
Still freaking sucks, though!

Bowmanh23 said...

A foolish man talks much, but a wise person never misses the opportunity to keep his mouth shut... I swear some people just have these moments where all social skills fly out the window. What do they think? That you will still be lugging the 90 pounds around with you so everyone will know?? I know they didn't mean harm by it, but sometimes you are like "Really? That's your response?" I know it's hard, but just ignore it- or think of something positive to say back. That way when it happens again you can be prepared. I can't stand when someone catches me off guard with a wierd comment and I don't know what to say- until later when I am at home. Anyway- Great job on losing 90 pounds! That takes perseverance!

Christine Jeske said...

I love flat out flatbread. My fav is to tear it and dip it in roasted red pepper hummus. Yum.

Its not that I lack low calorie meal ideas. Thanks for the recipe though.

outdoor.mom said...

Good Luck!! (people do say a lot of stupid things)