In the spirit of a confessional...& my first time..

Hey all,
I have a weigh in tomorrow.
I have a feeling (prodded by the scale) that my weight loss this month wasn't so hot.
As you know, I was less that motivated the first two weeks of February for reasons I understand now.
It led to a lot of 1600-1700 calories a day.  I kept up my exercise.....if my weight this morning holds and my calculations are correct, then my daily deficit is around 650 calories a day.

Which is pretty good and directly attributable to my exercise, not my food consumption.

That being said...My last four days since I "figured things out"....have been much better.

Today I ate as clean as I could.
I ate yogurt and peaches and honey for breakfast. 330 cal.
I ate tuna w/ light miracle whip on whole grain bread 310 cal.
For dinner
I had
A 6 oz. sweet potato with one tablespoon of butter, one cup of walnuts and one table spoon of brown sugar.
490 cal.
I had one cup of coffee today....110 cal.
Total calories today 1240 cal.
I wanted to leave 200 cal. for a snack in case I get hungry.
I didn't want to  drink a diet coke tonight before bed...I think it's causing water retention.
I drank a ton of water....

And the best bit of news from today...

I jogged.
3 miles
No joke.
I would like to thank the dude from running on the white line...
Which is a blog I have on my blog roll.
He is an ultra marathoner....
or a mega distance runner...
Because I think you could say my success today was partially attributable to him.
I have been watching his running videos online.
He runs 'barefoot'....or with minimal gear.
He runs in vibrams.
As soon as I saw the video about heel strikes vs. the ball of the foot strikes...I identified exactly what it was I DIDN'T like about running. That jarring jolt as your heel collides with the cement.
I used to run all the time as a kid.
barefoot...through the woods.
Down the dirt road.
So today, I thought....I will try jogging, but while making sure that I don't "jounce up and down' and I keep my gate smooth, and I watch my stride to ensure that I hit with the outside front of my foot to alleviate jarring and pressure on my knees. Now I just have these New balance, so it's hard to really feel where my foot is coming down. 
Well, with all of that and focusing on keeping my breathing even...I looked up and was half a mile down the road.
So I just kept going.
Then I got to the end...stopped and stretched and realized that the way back was all.down.hill.
I thought "I bet I can jog that."
So, I did.
Slooooowly, while doing what I did above.
I did get tired near the end and could feel my form falling apart...but I pulled it back in.
That was the first time I have run since I was in the army...that far.
Three miles.
Whatever it says tomorrow...
Today was the true measure of how far I have come.
Hope you all had a great day.
Your barefoot jogger blogger.


Anonymous said...

No matter what that scales tell you be proud of your three mile run. What an awesome accomplishment!!!

Robin said...

Wow. 3 miles. I can't imagine running 3 miles. I am trying to remember the last time I ran anywhere and I can't. Walk? Yes. Run? No. You should feel proud. That is outstanding!!!

debby said...

Wow, Chris. Congrats on such a great run.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Good luck on your weigh-in, but no matter how it goes, I think you'll accomplished plenty.

I'm thinking about getting my run on, too. Maybe you're inspiring me...

Fiona said...

Awesome run! Well done!

Tammy said...

You're right...that jog proves just how far you've come....you rock! And inspiring Jack Sh*t?? Well that has to be the pinnacle of success, lol....good for you! :)

Anne H said...

Army people just gotta run, eh?
Very good, Chris!

Tony said...

Kick ass Chris! 3 miles is fabulous.

Kim said...

Wow, that's so awesome Chris. I used to hate running....now I can't really run. This post of yours just inspires me. I can't wait to run again. Good for you and like the others said, no matter what the scale says tomorrow, I think what you did today is just a huge measure of what you've truly accomplished. Good work Chris!!

Kim said...

Ok, so I usually don't have my headphones on when I'm on your page....awesome! We are the Champions! lol And now I'm listening to REO...awesome song. Oh, and every time I play Rockband with my bro, he makes me sing Fat Bottomed Girls...and ya know it's true, we do make the world go round. lol

Christine Jeske said...

You ARE the Champion, Chris. Complete awesomeness.

I miss being a barefoot childhood-running-fiend too. ♥

Anonymous said...

Kick ASS. I think you won big this month no matter what the scale says!

Helen said...

Champion = Chris who never, ever stops trying, never ever stops evaluating what she needs to do.

Melissa said...

No matter what the scale says, you've made awesome progress. You know as well as I do that half of this journey (or more) is totally mental and you've made strides there that the scale won't show this month, but will show in the scale for months to come.

Linda Pressman said...

Great job, jogger blogger! I've never been a runner, probably because I get disconcerted by the parts of my body that feel like they're still moving when I've stopped...

Have a great day and thanks for the comments on my blog! I appreciate it!

Katie J ♥ said...

Love it Chris you jogger blogger you. Very inspiring!

antgirl said...

Wow! You go. 3 miles is fabulous.

Glad you found your mojo again. That is good news. Slower is OK. You didn't stop. You didn't give up. That's huge. :) Yaay you.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Magnificent! I don't think I could run a mile without having shin splints and aching knees the next day!

Anonymous said...

3 miles!!!!

I can't even begin to imagine going that long!


Yum Yucky said...

you just reminded me about that sack of sweet potatoes I bought!! I better go check and hope they're still good.

Unknown said...

3 miles - that's great Chris. Last week when I was walking at lunch, a runner passed me in bare feet. I thought it odd because we still have a lot of ice around but he wasn't running fast (for him, would have been for me). And the day before that I saw a website about the Vibram shoes and seriously thought about ordering some. Even though I currently need orthotics, I too spent my entire childhood running bare feet and there has to be something to this.

Unknown said...

Glad I could help you Chris :) My new facebook status is, "Inspired a friend to run for the first time in 15 years, and it made my day!"

The trick is, running is all about pacing. When you started to get tired, what did you do? Slow down, re-focus. People often run faster then their ability and get tired or injured, and think it's not for them.

Here is some of the best running advice I have ever read:

"Easy, then light, then smooth, then fast will come."
-Caballo Blanco