Cookies cookies la la la....

Hey all,
I am soooo tired.
I slept like poo last night..maybe 2 or 3 hours and then was up this morning at 6 to get girl scout cookies...
75 cases (900 boxes) with my good friend and co leader Amber.
So there we were at 8:40 in the morning. 
A balmy 23 degrees.  It is snowing and the cookie drop is behind schedule. 45 minutes behind schedule.
So Amber and I made a survey of the cars and discovered much to our expectation surprise that there were two kinds of cars in the parking lot to pick up cookies.
One type was the mini van...
the other the suv.
That being said...I had a mini van and amber has an suv...lol.
I am not sure if it just goes along with the girl scout troop leader vibe. or what.
In any case....I walked 2 miles and ate 1500 calories..
I tend to eat more when I am tired.
I don't know why.
But I am about to go to sleep here...at 7:30 in the evening.
I have paid My oldest daughter money to read a story to her sister at 9:30 and make sure she gets to bed (my oldest is 16)
I am paying my younger daughter to stay in bed once in there and not make a fuss.
It is costing me $3.50 total.
Otherwise known as money well spent.
Sometimes a little bribery goes  a long way.
Signing off now,
Your tired and slightly poorer blogger,


Brenda said...

Love the bribe! Hey, money talks, right?
Bummer that you had to be out in weather like today.
Sleep good!

Alexia said...

Haha! Money well spent indeed!

Foodie Girl said...

Good night!

Linda said...

First of all, in my olden days, I would have eaten at least a box of cookies. That would have been 1500 calories an hour, easy.

Second of all, love the bribes! I wish my daughter could be bribed. My son can be bought off with any minute portion of Xbox time, but I haven't found an adequate bribe yet that makes my daughter buckle.

Elaine said...

I can't think of anything that money would be better spent on than sleep! :D

Retta said...

"I tend to eat more when I am tired.
I don't know why."

Oh, me too. I read somewhere that it is a normal reaction to feeling tired... our body is trying to get more energy, calling out for food!

Yikes, where are those ear plugs??

Hanlie said...

I love that you bribe your kids! Hope you rest up well...

Unknown said...

Hope you had a better nights sleep!! Rest up! :) I ignored the girl scout cookie talk...did you mention thin mints? lol I like them frozen, straight outta the freezer...oohhh FORGET ABOUT IT TJ! lol

Patsy said...

Hope you get a decent night's kip tonight... I've put my pelvis out (again!) and it's REALLY affecting me sleep... I'm about the same as you - 2-3 hours broken sleep... :o(

Helen said...

I tend to eat more when I am tired and also when I am dehydrated. I think it's my body's way of trying to get my brain to release whatever chemical it needs to so I'll feel better. Love the idea of the bribery. My mom used to bribe me with the promise of a new book!

Unknown said...

I'm tired right now!! I wish someone would pay me to stay in bed, but I would have to insist on more money! ;-)

antgirl said...

Hope you got some sleep and stayed warm. :)

Bribery never worked on my stepson. Siiigh.