all.day.long and forever.

I cleaned.

all day long.

I have been on some sort of cleaing binge lately....I am cleaning out my bathroom and bedroom...I have gotten rid of stuff you couldn't believe.

It feels great.

I am scrubbing walls etc.

But that has left little time for anything today..

blogging or even thinking.

But it's good.

I am really enjoying watching my house come together.

I think It was sinking those fenceposts in concrete that finally settled in my mind that this is my forever home.

That I can make it just what I want.

So I am.

Have a great night guys..

I will write more tomorrow.




Anonymous said...

I need to do some "clean out and throw away" cleaning, too. Of course, we both know that I need to do it because I'm expecting the Rapture and want my house to be suitable for new inhabitants.. chuckle.

Seriously,tho, it must be a good feeling to feel finally at home.


Rettakat said...

Your "forever home". Oooh, I really like that.

carla said...

I love that as well.


Hanlie said...

Funny that you should say that. The exact opposite is true for me. I need to clear out my drawers and closets, but I keep thinking that I'd rather be packing! I've never felt at home in this house.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Cleaning out can be so liberating. I'm sure you're feeling great! Interesting that I clean out more and more so that I can move and hope to maybe spend time in a few places before I settle in for any long period of time. I have been in one spot for way too long. Ah well, home is what you make of it. And it sounds like you are finally there.

Joy said...

Can you come to my house? I need to get motivated and get some stuff done! I am glad you are making you house into a home!! That is awesome!!

Have a successful and focused day!

Putz said...

you gals are all crazy<><>cleaning is not liberating<><>you guy's heads are all screwed together wrong<><><>it is all going to just get dirty again