Muahahahahaha! Hello unsuspecting bloggers! Who am I you might ask? You can call me the April fools bandit! I realized with heavy heart last year that I had neglected to play a prank on poor unsuspecting Chris, so I'm making up for it this year. Ah

April Fools, the one day you can get away with pranks. I think we require a random picture.

Remember children don't play with knives, be kind to your elders, and trip people whenever possible. Have a Happy APRIL FOOLS day!

In the spirit of good fun, I will leave this...world, meet my oldest daughter who apparently hijacked my blog because she is a computer nerd...lol. That's okay, she is smart and someday will buy me a retirement home in boca.


Anne H said...

Ha ha ha !
Chris - you rock!!!!!
My word verification is "queerhed" for today.
Funny funny blogger!

Candy kankles said...

LOL always a fun day!

Christine said...

alright kate....you little craphead....lol.
very funny!

Rettakat said...


Joy said...

That was awesome. I did not get one prank this year. Bummer!