Welcome to my first annual kosher Dance party!!!!

Hey all,,
What in the heck am I doing?!
Good question.
I am not Jewish...but I do love me some bagels.
Especially since my husband started making them one month ago..
very good....you boil them then bake them.
I like them.
too much.
2.5 pounds too much.
I am again 146.
I haven't weighed myself in a month and if you add in my illness and my general lack of exercise..
You get bagelgeddon!
And so, what better way to burn some calories than a dance party...hava nagila!
So, It's on like donkey kong...no bagels for me for at least 6 weeks.
1400 calories a day and loads of exercise..
my first ever gain!
It's almost like birthing a 2.5 lb fat ball!
I'd name it, but it won't be sticking around long!
Have a great night guys...
As my good friend Amber said I said "Eat less, Move more"
Chris out..hey, hey hey hey hey hey.....
*dances off*


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! This definitely does NOT fall under the misery loves company category! :o

Here's the thing, tho. You weigh so little...have so few pounds, if any, left to lose. It's HARD to figure out how to maintain that tiny weight, let a lone lose more.

You've been trying out some new, uh-hmmm, eating routines and have found that they don't work for you. That's a good thing.

Bad bagels, bad, bad bagels. They SHOULD work for you. A nasty turn if you ask me. Genetics, blech.

I have no doubt that your performance will be the polar opposite of mine. You will not repeat this gain--you will conquer. :D I am certain.

Maybe I can catch some of your follow thru--cause I know you're gonna do this thing.



Hanlie said...

I can totally see how bagels can trip a person up...

Dancing is such fun! It's my new favorite exercise. I do it a few times a day for a few songs. That way I know I'm not over-exerting myself, but I'm getting exercise and having fun! It's a wonderful form self-expression too.

Rettakat said...

Well, if THAT music won't get you moving, nuthin will! It's... weird. :-D

Homemade bagels... yikes. I think Deb is right. You don't have a lot of wiggle room in your calorie count now, so it might take a little trial and error. But I agree... I have no doubts that you'll figure it out.

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

Ah Bagels are the yummy delicousness of dough! But You will get back on track! Your gonna kisck that 2.5 lbs out of here! Dance that tushy off!

Candy kankles said...

"It's almost like birthing a 2.5 lb fat ball!
I'd name it, but it won't be sticking around long!"
LOL love it! Enjoy the dance!

Sue Rice Swimwear said...

Haha! This was a very enjoyable post to read! Get dancing lady!

Best Wishes,