Why is this time different....

Thanks for all the kind comments.
I believe there are all kinds of kindnesses in the world and at first some may not look like a kindness when they are given.
For instance.
A doctor popping an arm back in place...not a kindness.
But a neccessity.
Everyone has different approaches to inspiration.
Some are more straight forward than others.
I prefer to talk about me...
But don't always shoot the messenger.
Even when you want to.
What may be painful in the short term could end up helping in the long term.
So, when you run across something that stings...ask yourself why it stings.
It may be the salt of truth in an open wound.
It's always been my policy to skim the cream and leave the rest....everyone has something to contribute.
When I was growing up we had a drunk who lived down the road.
He wasn't ever known for anything other than being drunk.
When I was 16 I was riding my bike home from the lake.
I stopped to pick flowers for my mom.
A truck pulled up and a man got out...and he came toward me asking if I was cold.
He had his coat out in both hands coming toward me.
It wasnt cold. It was the middle of summer.
I put my bike between him and me.
I said "I'm not cold".
he kept coming and I started going in circles with my bike...when I heard a car pull up behind me.
Out pops the drunk...
He was a big man.
He grabbed coat man and shoved him into the side of his truck.
He threatened him and asked me if the man was bothering me..to which I replied YES.
He scared the dude away.
I never thought of him as a drunk again...just the guy who saved my @ss.
It only takes once, right?
So examine the words that really poke at you...
and find your truth.
it could save your @ss.

That being said
Why did I lose weight this time and keep it off, as opposed to all the other times...
Well, I have been asked or told that I should write a book.
I don't think that is in the cards for me.
I will leave that to people like Sean.
People who have a natural affinity for speaking and people...
I like to give my hot air away for free.
I don't like crowds or being at the center.
I like it over here in my dark corner.
So what was different.

1.) honesty...
Knowing and believing that I was morbidly obese.
Knowing and believing that there was not a short term fix or cure.
Knowing and believing that this would be for life
Knowing and believing I use food the way a drug addict uses drugs.
Knowing I used food to cover painful things, or scary things I didn't want to face.
Self honesty is crucial...that is something both Sean and I agree on.
When his book comes out, it is the one thing I will hawk on my blog...
because I believe in what he did and in what he says.

2.) Commitment
Commitment primarily to myself...and
commitment to the above, self honesty....
and commitment to a life of active living
commitment to always being awake to what I was eating and why.
It was a commitment to myself and my family.

3.) Living
I wanted to live my life and not just exist.
I wanted to and am, living every day to the best of my ability.
Getting out there and trying new things..
meeting people.
Living deliberately.

4.) I want to be a good example.
I realized my actions don't just affect me, they affect everyone around me.
How I exist, how I move in this world will not only affect me..
but it will affect how my children move and operate in this world.
I don't want to give them the wrong information. 

5.) Consistency.
Doing it day in and day out and not letting it be optional.

There really is only one way to lose weight...take in less than you expend.
It's not the mechanics that trip people up.
It's the mind.
Get your mind right and the rest will follow.
Like that speech said..
"My mind and my spirit will carry my body when my limbs are too weak."
It's the mind.
Big hugs,


Ms. M said...

Your reasons make so much sense & they speak to me in a way I NEEDED to hear right now. Thanks for freely sharing. :)

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Nice, straight forward assessment of a difficult and complicated issue. I like the way you break it down into 'digestible' parts. It really is simple if you give yourself the time, energy and respect it takes.
Amazing how we have to get to the right mindset to give ourselves what we truly need.

Anonymous said...

The Bible says that "no voice is without significance." It is, of course, right.

I follow a few people who have an approach that I do not like. (Very few, tho, because blogdom is the one place where I can freely pick and choose who I let in my world.)

The reason I follow those few, however, is because there is something about their heart that sings out louder than the words typed within their posts, and it is the heart that I hear.

I am not deaf to what else is present, but the "what else" is not the clearest note that I hear.

Your story of the unlikely rescuer was touching and a perfect one to follow yesterday's post. I'm glad you told it.


Hanlie said...

I couldn't agree more. In order to succeed at changing something so fundamental as our weight and our health, we need to change the way we think. We need to be prepared to challenge everything little thing we've ever believed about ourselves and our world.

Another great post, Chris!

Splurgie said...

"Doing it day in and day out and not letting it be optional."


Splurgie said...

Me again. Chris, I used your statement as the focus of my blog today. Thanks for the inspiration.

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

Very well spoken!

Thrice Blessed said...

I read the story about the drunk... and wow... it is a statement not to take people for granted or put them into a box.

The rest of your post is just what I needed to hear and consider today,as I once again pick myself up and start over.

Jon said...

well not that the situation was funny with the creepy guy chasing you but instead of saying "it might just save your @ss" you should of said "it might just help you lose your @ss"! ha ha ha.... love reading your blog!

Putz said...

big hugs back to you