The ABC's of me....

because I am tired and out of ideas and this looked fun....
As I am ever looking for ways I can tell more about myself, I thought this was a cute idea..

Age- 36 (37 in 9 days)

Bed size: King...couldn't sleep in anything smaller as my husband is 6'5" and I am not a 'spooner'.

Chore I hate: Dishes!

Dogs? one Duke...sweet and dumb.

Essential start to my day: Starbucks espresso roast home brewed.

Favorite color: Yellow and aqua (I CAN'T pick just one)

Gold or silver: silver

Height: 5'3.5 (that half inch counts)

Instruments I play: The spoons

Job title: Homemaker

Kids? Two girls

Live: Colorado

Mom's name: Sharon

Nicknames: Jiggles, the Badger and Chrissie by my mom

Overnight hospital stays Three: Once when I broke my jaw when I was five and the other two were when my kids were born.

stop doing it...you CAN breathe through your nose, that's why God made one.
So you wouldn't sound like a pig at the trough while you ate.

quote from a movie: "When You have to shoot, shoot...Don't talk" By Tuco...the good, the bad the ugly.
Pretty much sums up my modis operandi...

Right or Left handed: Right

Siblings: Two brothers...one older, one younger

Time you wake up: The time I can get away with.

Underwear: anything soft, lacy and non granny panty-ish....I did that for years...no more.
my favorite pair are black with silver polka dots with lace. ;oP

Vegetable you dislike- EDAMAME...soy beans...however you say it, whatever you call it..it's nasty.

What makes you run late: death or dismemberment...huge pet peeve...I feel it shows a lack of civility.
If I am late, something dire has occurred.

X-rays- one set..for my jaw

Yummy food you make: My mom's lasagna...it's always a hit with everyone I've made it for.

Zoo animal favorite- Well, I would have to say here it's the lions...back in germany it was this huge albino crocodile that would eat whatever anyone would throw in the tank. He was a biggun'.

I worked out and I am now tired.
Hope everyone had a fantabulous day.
I did.
Chris out.


outdoor.mom said...

oh fun! didn't know that about you!

Anonymous said...

That was very cool. Deb

Sankari of Yorkshire said...

There was a baby albino crocodile at the zoo here when I was eight or so. It was turning a year old, and Erin played the birthday song for it on her violin. I just thought it looked like it was dead because it didn't move.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Nice dish on the interesting stuff about you. Always fun to get to know more about those we read regularly. Thanks.

R. Reed said...

I love these questions thingies. So fun!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Lacy huh? :)
Your birthday is in March, too! Yayyy!

Hanlie said...

I had edamame for the first time the other day and was NOT impressed. Won't try that again!

Putz said...

sharon, eeehhh, does she have a blog ???>>.i love lausanya<><><>my wife's maiden name is DeSimone<><<>

Christine said...

@mr. putz, my mom doesn't even have the internet. lol

Robin said...

When you have to shoot, shoot... don't talk. Priceless. Love it.

Putz said...

talking about yur underwear, shouldn't that be tabooo????????well it sounds kind of riskca to me