Talking to your inner brat

Hey all, another good day.
I am sitting at 1612 calories...which is 12 calories over, but I gave myself a small break because I wanted to eat everything and managed not to...
Today is bagel wednesday.
My husband makes homemade bagels...it adds up.
I had three.
which took most of my calories.
I know better and did it anyways.

Me and my inner brat need to have a talk.
This left me with approximately 360 calories for dinner.
I was really hungry after my workout and knew if I didn't keep myself busy I would binge.
So I spent two hours tonight looking for wall border for my newly painted bathroom.
I found some after about 5 stores and got home around 9:30
Where I ate cold ham (lunchmeat) and a bag of green beans with almonds.
I had to have a talk with myself.
I had to ask myself if it was worth eating up my small deposit in the calorie bank and trust just for making a mistake earlier.
No, it isn't.
I already ate my calories...they just weren't very good choices.
So, I was probably going to be hungry.
That was the choice I made when I chose crap instead of something filling.
It's like that with anything.
If you want the results you are going to have to pay the price.
I want the results.
Great workout...I burned 400 calores
1612 calories consumed
I am eating AS IF I weigh 135 lbs...So 1350 to maintain pluse 400 calories burned (1750 calories) subtract the 1612 calories consumed and that leaves me with 138 calories in the calorie bank and trust...
So with today and yesterday I have 350 calories in the green!
That means If I were currently 135 lbs....I have 350 calories to play with come my day out to eat or a family meal day.
Pay the price daily and occasionally you can have a treat.
That is the premise.
Hope you are all holding your inner brat at bay.
Have a good one.


Hanlie said...

Great resolve, Chris! I learn so much from you.

I'm turning the inner brat into a prodigy...

Maude said...

Thanks for your comment on my own inner brat. Some days it's just hard to keep the results in mind. I guess it just takes reminders. Way to keep yourself in check!

bbubblyb said...

I like your bank and trust idea for a meal/day. Yea those darn bagels, boss brought them yesterday (what was he thinking it was weigh-in day lol) and I had one. Those darn carbs seem to be what gets me.

Retta said...

"If you want the results you are going to have to pay the price."

How to have weight loss success, in one sentence!

Robin said...

I love how honest you are. Period. I love bagels. I probably would have fed the inner brat, too. That isn't any real help, is it? But it is HONEST!