Eff the Wall....

Hey all,
How's it going. Man was my workout hard today.
Ever Have one of those days where you hit the wall while working out?
I mean, your legs feel like they have 20 pound bricks attached to the end.....you are huffing and puffing that last mile thinking
"What in the h*ll am I doing?"
"Give yourself a break"
Go home and try again tomorrow.

Well, I hit the wall about halfway through mile two tonight. (walked two, jogged two) I don't know if it was remnants from my illness (the last three workouts were fine) Or if it was my less than stellar lunch choice...( a piece of banana bread)
Or what....
The only thing that kept me going through that run was the thought that my workout would be over when I finished the next half mile.
until I got to the last lap and realized I hadn't completed all my situps.
I still had sixty to do...Sixty that I didn't want to do.
I did them.
It was very hard. My body was shaking...and I remembered Tara talking about crying through one of her workouts...and now I knew why.
YOu just don't think you can go anymore and you do it anyways.
But you want to cry.
I did it.
eff the wall. I got there and climbed over it.
calories in at 1580...another 170 in the calorie bank and trust....so sitting at 750 calories today.
Have a good one.
Chris out.


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

It sounds like you really got through a tough one today. This reminds me of how it is for people at work sometimes. There are always aspects of things we do in life that just plain suck. Even if most of what we are doing is very good, there are times when parts of the experience are just not fun.
Glad to see you made it. I'll bet you felt better later or at least I hope so!

Robin said...

This post was really good timing. I have been mentally preparing for this trip to see my dad. I have also been trying to relax and prepare the exhaustion that I know this trip will bring. I have also been trying to figure out how plume those reserves so that I get the best time with my dad. I know that the chronic fatigue and migraines are going to be tough. However, it may be the "eff the wall" time. Mentally focus on positive things, relax as much as possible, sleep as much as possible, and focus on what is important. Eff the wall. When it is hard you stick to the goal and shut everything else out. Nothing else matters but the goal. That is it. Good post.

Oh, and CBale didn't forget the wife's name. He never says the name of his wife or daughter in public. He was just so overwhelmed with emotion that he kind of lost himself there for a moment. I think he almost said it and caught himself.

Hanlie said...

That is hardcore! I still have a ways to go before I reach that level of dedication...