on the road to 'normal'....

Hey all,
I think I posted yesterday that I would be doing the gym 3 days a week and walking 3 days a week.
Today I went to the gym and didn't dread it..I actually enjoyed my time and didn't resent the time spent (It takes around 1:45 minutes to finish a workout)
I do 70 situps
Then I did 33 minutes on an arc trainer for a 330 calorie burn.
Then I did upper body weights...then 70 more situps.
Then it was back to my precor for 30 more minutes and 315 calories burned.
up and out of the gym..not going back till Saturday.
Tomorrow is a 3 mile walk and lower body toning....still trying to decide on exactly which ones..
Think I may incorporate some squats, leg lifts...situps of course....calf raises..
If any of you all have exercises you really like...leave it in the comments.
I may give it a go.
I still have 10 to 15 pounds to lose but am really starting to feel like my exercise and eating are blending in to my normal life.
Especially since I have spent the last two nights eating dinner with the family.
It's nice.
I am also not at the gym 6 days a week so I have more time to spend at home...just being with the kids and spending time cleaning and fixing up my house.
I have a church home.
I am starting to settle in...
you know, for years as a military family..the concept of settling in one area...
getting stuff that is difficult to move.
building up, storing things.
It was a foreign concept.
My project this coming month is to make a fence for the garden I want to plant...
I will be setting my 4x4 posts in concrete...
I won't be able to just pull it down 'in case'.
I painted my house YELLOW...not beige.
I bought curtains that were matching my wall colors...
Curtains that weren't white.
It's been five years...and some mentalities are difficult to break free from...
Like being fat...or always moving.
But given time and persistence...you can change your mind and once you do..
you can start building something beautiful.
Have a great night guys..
Big hugs,


Ice Queen said...

This post made me smile.

And think. :D

Anonymous said...

:) Deb

Rettakat said...

"...given time and persistence...you can change your mind and once you do..
you can start building something beautiful."

That should be on a plaque or something!!

Hanlie said...

Because normal is about so much more than weight, right?

Twix said...

Awesome!! :D

I like bench presses and butterflys.

Mike said...

Stairs. Not the stair-stepper but actual stairs. I used to avoid them as they would make me gasp for breath but now I seek them out. They get my heart going and my blood flowing. When I have a 15 min break at work I like to hit the stairs at the nearby parking structure. It is a quick way to get my metabolism up and helps with my best calorie deficit days.

Starting At 500 Pounds

Sandra said...

I love your normal :)

Excellent leg workout is to do curtsy lunges (or bowlers lunge), or single leg squats - both will kill your legs. I have a hate/love relationship with them.

Putz said...

how about sitting in the easy chair and moving your thumbs around each other for a few minutes??????????????????