Who do you believe you are...

hey all, had a good day.

First I want to talk about belief.
What we believe, we do.
For the longest time I believed I would always be fat.
Then one day I didn't accept that anymore.
Now I may pick on Charlie sheen. lol.
I made a little joke about curing my food issues and accoutability...but then I began to really think.
 I do agree with him on one thing.
He says he cured his addiction with the power of his mind.
that isn't crazy...as far as I can see.... that is how it's done.
Now whether he cured himself in a 'nano second' as he claims I have no idea.
Or even if he is cured.
But I know that Is how I fixed me.
I didn't fix my fat.
I fixed my mind...and the fat followed.
I fixed how I coped with life. 
That is why I liked that speech I posted the day before yesterday.
Because he is imbuing those kids with the minds of champions.
He is setting them  up for success...for the expectation that giving it your all is the only acceptable path.
Here is the speech:

I will conquer what had not been conquered

Defeat will not be in my creed

I will believe what others have doubted

I have trained my mind and my body will follow

I will acknowledge the fact that my opponents do not expect me to win

But I will never surrender

Weakness will not be in my heart

I will look to my comrades, to those who have brought me into this world

And those who have trained me

And I will draw strength from them

I will gladly go out into the field of battle

And I will move, groove, and do everything that I can do

And I will reach my field of battle by any means at my disposal

And when I get there I will arrive violently

I will rip the heart from my enemy and leave it bleeding on the ground,

because he cannot stop me

No one will deny me

No one will defy me

Belief will change my world (YES IT DOES!) (I could go days on this alone)

I do not understand when things go wrong

I do not understand mistakes

But I do understand this

I understand victory and I understand never surrendering

No matter how bad things go

My heart and my mind will carry my body when my limbs are too weak!

Who am I?

I am a champion!

Today will be that day,
not tomorrow, not next week, but right now right here, in your house and in your home.
Who am I?


History will remember me.

I will not have to worry about him being kind.

I will define myself, I will write my own pages.
And no one will tell me what I can and cannot be.
I will never go wrong, not as long as Ive given everything Ive got.
Because who am I?


From what I can see this is a checklist...
1.) Is your mind set...will you conquer what has not been conquered? Yes or No...there are no maybes...
2.) Is defeat acceptable? Yes or No?
3.) I will believe what others have doubted.
Do you rely on others to prop you up...or do you have enough faith in yourself to push through even when you have NO support. In the end, it isn't the person over there that will determine your success, it's YOU.
4.) I have trained my mind and my body will follow.
Set your mind to 'success'. There is no 'fail'.  You are worth it. You are worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Who will define you.
Who will write your history?

There is only one to a customer.
Live the life you WANT

I could go on  and on...but if you want to know how to succeed at anything in life...look at this speech.
That is it in a nutshell..
No more Half Assed commitments.

You gotta go All In. 
You have to set your mind.
Set your will.
And  your body will follow.
You have to want it, and know WHY you want it.
Then you have to pay the price.
And be willing to pay it, day in and day out for the rest of your born days.
Then you will earn it.
and you will have what you want most.
Self respect.
But it means nothing if you don't think you can.
If  you set off saying.
Wellllll....I'll trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
That isn't the way winning is done.
winning is done by knowing, by doing, and by never quitting.
By training...
Taking every thought captive and never surrendering.
You decide to be  champion.
It doesn't just happen.
You make it happen.
I believe you can.
Do you?

So, on to my day.

I ate 1685 calories...
burned 650
so if i take my imaginary ideal weight plus calories burned....

and then subtract my intake
I come up with a 315 calorie deposit in my calorie bank and trust.
I am no longer calculating off my current weight.
I am 'maintaining' my ideal weight.
I had 250 calories banked from Tuesday, only 38 from yesterday...because after I wrote my little blog post my youngest had growing pains in her legs which left us with little sleep...I got hungry and consumed 5 half pieces of walnut and a prune.
I was really hungry.
I counted it as 100 calories and am moving on....
so right now I am sitting at 603 calories in my bank in trust to play with...
my actual deficit is larger because I am around 145 or so...but I am not concerned with how fast the weight comes off...this is my eating plan for the rest of my days.
I am planning on eating out with my family on March 17th (my birthday)
This is AFTER I do that pt test I was talking about before.
At this rate I will be able to have a pretty nice meal out. I won't  have to count all day or worry.
Hope you have a great night,
Chris out.


Retta said...

Most EXCELLENT post ever. I am bookmarking to re-read many times!

Joy said...

You are right on. I needed to read this today. It's amazing what we can and don't do because of the way we think. I need to get back to my "can do" attitude and overcome some things that are holding me back. Thanks for the reminder! I can do this and I can achieve my dreams!!

You are awesome!

jo said...

You need to put a link to this post on your side bar. It's on the money.

Putz said...

some of us can't keep up, chirs

Anaelle said...

Thank you sooooo much for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate your realistic down to earth thinking. I'm going to go home tonight take out my calculator and accurately figure out how much I should be consuming and how much I can achieve to lose every week :)

Thank you

Losing 100 said...

Brilliant! I love the idea that we change our mind and our body will follow! Awesome.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Yet again you beautifully define something that we may know subconsciously, yet not be able to express as well ourselves. Seeing it put out there succinctly and simply makes it real. Thanks again for the regular doses of help and reality that you offer to so many.

bbubblyb said...

Another great post Chris! I just love when you get all "I am a champion" on us *smile*. It really does make me want to put on my helmet and get my butt out on the feel and fight, fight for ME!!!! Thanks for that. *hugs*

Hanlie said...

If we don't train our minds, we will not change our lives... It's as simple as that! Great post, Chris!

Robin said...

Lots to think about here. Excellent post. I dedicated a little something something to you for HERE'S TO YOU FRIDAY. I did say I was posting today... just not for the next couple of weeks... lol.