one more hour....

You have heard the question "What would you do if you had one day left?'
How about one week?
One year?
What if you knew with certainty that you had five years left.
What would you do differently.
I was thinking about this..and thought..
well, what would I do If I had one hour left
(or course I thought this on the way to the gym)
I thought...I sure wouldn't be headed to the gym...but since that whole hour left thing wasn't a certainty, thought I would go get my workout in..
If I had one hour left..
I would go home...and sit with my kids and hold them and tell them I love them.
I would tell them what I personally think is the most important thing in life
faith in God.
never quit or give up on your dreams.
That's it...
Then I would tell my husband how much I loved him.
What a difference he has made for me.
call my family and do the same.
This is why, when bad things happen....people will scrawl in blood their last words to friends and family.
It's that important...because we don't say it every day.
because we assume we have more than one day....
that we won't be grocery shopping...or going to school...or doing our errands and have a tsunami come and strip our family out from under us...
or have a car cross the median and kill our loved ones.
or a tornado smash our house to pieces.
We can't live that way all the time...we'd be wrecks.
But we don't have to...
just for today....call the people you love and tell them what they mean to you.
I have no idea what brought this one...
I was just thinking of it...it's probably the news.
I know one thing for sure.
I am glad I decided a year and some odd months ago to get better.
If I hadn't I would still be fat and miserable...not taking hold of every part of my life and living.
Big hugs.
I was explaining to my oldest daughter that we all die. She wanted to know what was the point of living if you didn't accomplish what you set out to do...
I said "What is the point of living if you don't enjoy life before you accomplish everything?
I said..You could NOT be here.
every day is a chance to experience things....the things we accomplish are important...
but living each day as if it's your last day...is the best thing you can do with the gift God gave you.
Yes. strive towards your goals..
But remember to live today.
Have a great night.
calories in 1562
calories expended in exercise 350
weight maintained for 120 lb woman.
Chris out.


Jodie said...
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Jodie said...

Thanks Chris I really needed to hear this today!

Jodie (biggerthanababyelephant.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

You know, I have a hard time with this kind of question. Like your thought that you wouldn't be going to the gym, my first thought is that I'd ditch the diet.

So, I kind of have to skip that part. (You know, the part that is the truth. If I knew I were going to die in a year or less--I'd ditch the diet.) And look past that to other aspects of my life.

I have thoght of it some, recently. In the context of the Rapture. You know, what if it happened this fall, what do I need to change now. You know what my first thought is? Every time?

That I need to clean house and sort out junk that's in the basement before I'm caught up. lol. I have more spiritual thoughts next, like telling people that are questionable about whether they'd hear the trumpet that Jesus is coming soon.

But, first thought--spring cleaning!


Red Shoes said...

What a WONDERFUL post!! I think I agree with everything you said!!


Unknown said...

A day to live, everything would center around family, friends and faith.

A Month to live, all the above and add a couple things from my bucket list.

A Year to live, all the above but add service and accomplishing my hardest struggle in life, my weight.

Sometimes we curse the frailty of life, but it's that frailty of life that gives us the sense of urgency not to procrastinate our potential.

Hanlie said...

Interesting question... To me, this whole quest for a meaningful and mindful life is all about living every as if it's my last.

Michelle said...

I learnt how important it is to tell people the things you want them to know 9 years ago. My best friend was very ill and on the waiting list for a heart transplant. I was blessed with pregnancy for the first time and we decided to wait till 12 weeks to tell anyone other than our parents. But I had an over-whelming feeling that I should tell my friend in case she was in hospital when 12 weeks came. I did, I called her and told her. She said she's guessed the night before when we spoke on the phone. That made me so happy. A friend that knows you that well is an amazing thing. Less than two weeks later this amazing woman was taken from our lives. I am so glad I told her and didn't wait. We named our daughter after her and since then I have told people how important they are to me. I have a 'stiff upper lip' type family who don't quite get that I now hug them, tell them I love them and miss them but at least they know.

Pretty Pauline said...

I agree that I would gather my family around for that last hour, and I would just enjoy them and laugh a lot. I say I love you 1,000 times a day, so I'm sure it would naturally come up. :) I'd also exhort them to follow Jesus, to read the Bible, go over a few more Proverbs, etc. I always feel that if my kids know the Proverbs they will make good decisions with finances, relationships, etc. in life. To know where their strength comes from. I think quite a bit of instruction might come in that hour as well, because sadly we can't cover everything they need in a lifetime, can we? I'm sure I couldn't help doing this...

Candy kankles said...

Even the thought of having to leave my kids made me cry.I would just tell them and my family that i love them and hold on as long as i could

Joy said...

Great post Chris. So important to enjoy every minute. Life is short!!