My first day of being a moderate.....

I ate 1720 calories today and burned 530. ..which according to my calculations puts at maintenance for a 120 lb woman. It wasn't quite the deficit I wanted...but not too bad seeing as how Tuesdays are one of my long days...from 6 till 11 or 12 at night. Sundays are the same way...long.
I may do 1700 on sunday and tuesday and 1500 on wednesdays and fridays...I am shooting for an average of 1600 6 days a week and 2200-2400 on sundays....this will maintain around 132 lbs for the amount of exercise I do. I should lose on average 1 to 2 pounds a month.

At this calorie range...there is really NOTHING you can't have in moderation every day....just not tons and all you may think of...
It is very strange trying to switch gears from 'nope can't eat that' to...
well, I can have a half cup. lol.
It's also hard to stop at a half a cup sometimes....but that is where the prior training kicks in.
Saying no to nearly everything for two years has it's benefits.
Like I had 8 peach gummies today.
and gave the rest to my kids....
These are my favorite candies...
here they are

I used to be able to hose a bag of these...and still could. But won't.
Each gummy is about 23 calories.
Here is a picture i took the day before yesterday.
I took it to remind myself that I am not fat.
You can get so wrapped up in losing weight that you can lose focus on what you actually look like.
I have also been wanting to try to eat normally for a while.

I am still counting calories etc.
But doing things like adding potatoes or noodles or rice, Not loads...A SERVING (hence the slightly higher calorie counts.)

Finding out what all sorts of meals look like when kept within a calorie budget of 1600-1700 calories......Eating special Sunday meals with a calorie cap of 2200 to 2400.
going to a bar b que and having a little bit of this and that...and stopping.
It is harder than just saying NO.
Keeping to my healthy options 80 to 90 percent of the time and adding a few higher calorie options.
reeling in the gym time...more home time...but still putting in my 'workout duty'.
Three days a week at the gym (elliptical, upper body weights, situps) and three at home walking a minimum of 3.5 miles each walking day...
It's a duty to myself.
I will weigh in once a month officially...daily or every other day for a while till I get more comfortable with what I am doing. It will take some getting used to.
From here on out, as a method of accountability....I will be posting my weight below my name and weighing in publicly on the first of the month. I will do this for at least the coming year.
I will be doing all this till it becomes 'habit'.
Have a great night guys,
Chris out.
145.5 lbs.


Ice Queen said...

Sounds like a good maintenance plan, Chris. :)

Brenda said...

Lookin' good there, Chris! Lots of progress you should be proud of!

E. Jane said...

You look fabulous! What an amazing change--not only your body, but your face. I have noticed that same change in other bloggers who have lost a good deal of weight--they also lose years. You are so very pretty!

I think it's good that you have started a "maintenance" plan. It sounds as though you may also lose a bit of weight along the way, but planning for maintenance is very important.

paulawannacracker said...

Looking at your pictures from where you started and I'm just in "awww." Amazing Chris. You remind me every time of what is possible if I just commit. It is so hard to allow yourself to eat things in moderation like eating 8 gummies.

I admire your approach. You always have a plan. I don't want to sound all "stalker like" but you're my weight loss hero...

Anonymous said...

First, the picture. No. You are definitely NOT fat. You are absolutely slim! And I love your hair color. It's perfect on you. soft. pretty. (Do not panic. It is okay to be soft and pretty sometimes.grin.)

Second. Chris, I truly don't know if I CAN eat some things in moderation. For now, of course, I have to dump this last 40 pounds, but when I do--I don't know. I will follow this lap of your journey with interest.

Third. I wish you soooo well! You've worked hard---you've earned normal. :)


Retta said...

"...and having a little bit of this and that...and stopping. It is harder than just saying NO."

Wow, that is so true!

I like how flexible you are... working it out, adjusting as you go, fine tuning it.

Helen said...

Having some IS harder than just saying NO. Now you know why maintenance is such a b*tch. I think you've got a plan that's going to work. I truly believe one day you will find yourself riding the maintenance train with people looking to you for inspiration just as they do now.

Putz said...

i could sweep yopu off your feet, oh wait a minute, i will be marred 50 years very soon<>><<>

Michelle said...

Wow, what an inspiration after just a short look through you blog and the history of your weight loss. I am just starting out, for what I have decided WILL be the last time I do this. I have started and failed so many times. Not this time.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Christine- You have anti-aged to an amazing level. And you are so right about the maintenance being a bit more difficult. But I have no fear for you that you can do it. This really is something that you are meant to do and share with others.

I never thought when I started reading you a year ago on the 30th (my sister's birthday) that I could be right here with you experiencing many of the same things. I knew I got you right away, emotionally, but the weight loss stuff just seemed so foreign to me. I had never really given it a go. Now I'm here with you 50 pounds lighter and loving the fact that I know I'm never going back.

Your level of inspiration is so valuable and needed by so many. Thank you again for sharing your journey.

Sheilagh said...

you are looking AMAZING Christine.

Robin said...

That is an awesome dress. And you look fantastic. I am ready for a photo NOT in the bathroom.... LOL.

Putz said...

ooooooooh, no, not a moderate<><><>amything but a moderate<><><>woouldn't a less than moderate be better?????a -monderate<><>>i have heard about some moderates down here in utah and not a pretty picture<><><>i can tell you that<><<>i am glad i don't live by any moderates<><>,.love you chris

Joy said...

Learning so much from you. Can't wait to hit my maintenance weight!! It will be amazing!!

You look great by the way!!

Keep up the great work!