parking between the lines....

Hey all.
Today was a long day...went and tried to get rid of the last of our girl scout troops cookies.
we did pretty well and only have a few left.
so it's all good there.
Then I decided to go grocery shopping...
and so did everyone else.
nuff said.
but as I was pulling into the parking lot I pulled up and parked very nicely next to a car...left plenty of space. We were evenly aligned.
Then I got out and looked down.
I was crooked as heck.
The person I had aligned myself with was either on a drunken bender or was having some sort of seizure as they parked....
But I parked in the way they specified.
So who is the bigger fool. lol.
I got back in my van and backed out...and then parked between the lines.
Leaving the other car sitting there...it's error now obvious instead of repeated.
Ever do that.
align yourself with another car only to get out and realize you parked poorly because they did?
It's the same thing with just about anything in life.
Don't park your car according to other people's standards.
I have to keep reminding myself..
human beings are error prone.
I should know, I am one.
There are lines..
In my world made by God.
That's the line I should be walking..
I shouldn't be going around saying..."well, I don't use the f word...so I am not as bad as ____________"
At least I don't judge others on their appearance...
My standard isn't the lowered expectations of other people.
Just like my diet isn't based on the crap other people are currently shoving in their face...
my exercise level is not dependent on whether my husband joins me.
And what I do with my life isn't contingent upon anyone else's expectations.
I have been thinking about the things I have always wanted to do....
and one thing I have always wanted to learn, is to play the piano.
I think I am going to get me an 88 key keyboard and learn.
It will take some time to save up the money.
There are lessons on that youtube.
But If I don't start,I will never learn.
If I hadn't started exercising and eating right, I never would've been a size 8/10.
My husband said He had 'given up' on me being thin and thought that was the way I'd always be....fat.
Luckily I didn't settle into other people's expectations.
Not even my own.
Each day...You have to draw your lines and park in them.
Don't park according to someone else's lines.
Big hugs.
Chris out.


Mary Ellen said...

Hm, now I'm curious...I wonder what those "smart" cars that park themselves do if people around your space parked like idiots and/or there are strange quirks about the space you're telling it to park in (say, the curb is not straight or there's some sort of hazard that the driver didn't see--perhaps an uncovered storm drain)? Do they make corrections themselves, or do they simply explode in confusion? ;) In any case, I'm sure Mr. L. and his jingle-jangle pockets would be proud of your parking integrity today! ;)

Rusti said...

Truly inspiring post Chris. I am going to park between MY lines from now on in everything I do. Thank you for your story and awesome inspiration.

Christine said...

ahhh mr. leinwebber...lololol. he was so phlegmatic, even when I ran over the curb the first time out in the car...while everyone in the backseat was screaming bloody murder he just put his foot on the dash and said...eh hem...carpenter, why don't you just put it in over there in that parking lot...lololol. ah good times.

Hanlie said...

Great post! I am really learning this for the first time and it's so liberating!

Rettakat said...

Loved this! Been thinking along similar "lines" lately. ;-)

And about learning the piano... reminds me of when I turned 30. I was whining that I had always wished that I had learned to play the guitar. Then it hit me: I will blink, and I'll be 40, saying the same thing. So, I went out and got a used guitar, and did learn to play! Not great, but that wasn't the point. :-)

downsizers said...

Love the parking analogy - great. It made me think of boundaries that we set for ourselves - of the boundaries others will set for us if we let them. The boundaries our culture sets (or tries to). Boundaries are a good thing, but like all good things can be overdone. Thanks for the comment over at my place. I love to talk about controversial topics but you know it's really hard to find people who can discuss controversial topics without getting mad. I hope to hear more from you. I agree about Ayn Rand - she was an atheist for sure and really pretty arrogant in this regard because she told one person "he was too smart to believe in God". She was so spot on with how the government will create dependency and how people will have the attitude that rich people should be expected to provide for those who would take what is theirs away from them through laws, taxes, subsidies, on and on. We can even apply this to our weight - this life is ours to live as we please, achieving our best if we choose to, and no whining if we aren't willing to park between the lines. You can't do it for me; I have to do it myself. Great post.

Putz said...

i think to be kind you ought to be just like your husband in everyway

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great post, Chris. You really gave me some food for thought. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

One time Baryshnikov said in an interview that he never tried to dance better than anyone else. He only tried to dance better than himself. That's the secret -- keep improving and outdoing your last performance, and sooner or later you're on top of the mountain.

Get that piano. A nice weight keyboard, like a Clavinova or something. It takes a long time to get good, but it's the same as living healthy or dancing -- just keep moving forward, and eventually, you cross the tape. It's also beautiful and good for the mind and spirit.

Joy said...

Love this post!! Learn the piano - great idea! I too am seeing that if I want to do something, I just need to get out there and do it. So awesome!

Keep up the great work and stay focused - HAPPY EASTER!!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen some freaky bargains on Craigslist, recently, pianos going for a song, a sad song for the seller, I suppose, but maybe a happy one for you.

I find that I would crash into the parked cars (extending your apt metaphor here) if not for the gentle steering I find in art...drawing, music, writing...the form is not important but its expression gives me the guidance I seek, and need.
Enjoy your artistic drive, in whatever vehicle you use. :)

Fiona said...

Wonderful blog!

I try not to live my life by other peoples expectations... but sometimes it is tough not to let them convince me!

paulawannacracker said...

Chris, after reading this post, I felt sort of "convicted." It's a term my sister used to refer to when God was speaking to us through others words or deeds. At least that's how I interpreted.

Great analogy with the parking. You have a way with words... which is a testament by all those who comment here.

You never stop amazing me. I have a feeling YOU WILL BE PLAYING THE PIANO in no time...


MrsFatass said...

Great lesson. By the by, I had a law professor who told a similar story, but for a different reason. He told the story to highlight a website called YouParkedLikeAnIdiot.com where you can get post it notes that say (yes, you guesset it) You Parked Like An Idiot.