Thinspiration or anorexia

Hey all,
Back from beyond,,,
I have been getting my calories in under my calorie cap and getting my exercise in..
Day 3 of really really watching it.
My husband bought netflicks and I have to admit to getting sucked in to a less than stellar show..
a guilty pleasure as it were.
Dallas cowboys cheerleaders: Making the team.
And let me tell you.
It's difficult to make that team.
You have to be beautiful, you have to be able to dance, be flexible, be up on current events, know the history of the cowboys football team, have a pleasing personality, learn routines quickly, be good under pressure and be articulate.
It's competitive.
And even once you are on, you have to re earn your spot year after year.
But there was one scene I found riveting.
when a 124 lb girl was told she looked 'chunky' and needed to lose weight.
20 lhs less then me.
No wonder so many girls have eating disorders.
My little one was watching with me when this happened so I leaned over and said
"That girl is healthy...they want her to look a certain way, but the way she is, is healthy."
Now I have to admit...watching one of these shows at nine at night is enough to make the thought of eating some buttered crackers out of the question.
But to be inundated with this message...(and in our society I think it's incredibly prevelant)
I think it would be very damaging.
Being healthy is one thing...being obsessed with every ounce of fat....
Maybe it's the impossible expectations that cause a kind of back lash.
If you can't be 110 lbs and a size zero, what's the point?
We should be focused on health..instead we have managed to have our girls focus on skinny thighs, pert tits and perfect teeth.
well, I had a great day.
painted the rest of my wall and it is now a cream color...I will try and post a picture tomorrow.
I will also attempt to get around to a few blogs tonight.
Have a great night guys.
Chris out.


Candy kankles said...

It freaks me out to see the size the media portrays.My friends daughter thought she was fat at age 5.Broke my heart.There used to be that sayin about our insides counting.....what happened to it?

Anonymous said...

124 pounds. Chunky. Blows my mind.


Hanlie said...

I was looking for a picture for my blog post last night and googled "fat woman having fun". Big mistake, by the way! I felt like rinsing my eyeballs with bleach. But in a lot of those cases, the women weren't fat at all. They were totally normal. Yet the caption would contain the words, "ugly fat woman". I despair for our society, really I do.

downsizers said...

We have become so shallow as a nation. Our girls are being sent the message that they were put on this earth to provide sex for anyone who's cute, or has a nice car, or has money, or is popular - how sad for us. Sex = Love. Then they are a slut and a guy is a stud for doing the same thing. I can really get on a tirade about this. Good post.

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

Its sad the messages society gives to young adults. It really is.

TJ said...

It's sad how we have become obsessed with being perfect. I will never be perfect. My thighs & arms will always jiggle...I know I can make them smaller & a little firmer but my choices in my life made me who I am. What I am trying to do it be happier with who I have become along my journey. I used to have a number in my head, now I know it's a feeling.


Helen said...

It's not just young women who buy into those messages. I just read an article about how older and more "mature" women are becoming the largest seekers of cosmetic surgery. Made me wonder... at what point/age is it okay for boobs to not be at attention.

Ang said...

It is horrible the way society puts so much focus on being a certain size. It is no wonder that so many girls have eating disorders.
Healthy does not necessarily mean skinny and there are plenty of "skinny" girls that are NOT healthy.

Putz said...

you make me laugh< pert tits.>>>i don't know anyone who has those

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

My thinnest friend is also my most unhealthy friend. She eats fried chicken on most days, (went on vacation with her once and couldn't touch fried chicken for months after) has high blood pressure and kidney disease. Being thin alone does not make you healthy at all. Our society may yet be creating all of the obesity that we see with the fact that people focus so much on looks alone. Truly a sad thing, altogether. Wouldn't it be nice if we could teach young women how feeling healthy and having self esteem is what is really important? You keep doing what you're doing and we'll make a dent in this epidemic. It's a good start.

Robin said...

I simply hate reality TV. If I am watching TV it is to escape reality. I do have exceptions. I will watch HGTV. That is learning TV. And I really like TV shows that feature women as heroes or superheroes. I would rather watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias, Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Bones, Dark Angel, The Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles, and even Smallville Season 4 and later (b/c Lois Lane is on it) on DVD than watch reality TV. I am currently watching Legend of the Seeker on DVD, which is based on the books by Terry Goodwind. I haven't read them yet, but now I absolutely must. There is an awesome, strong, female character in that, too, and she is a woman (meaning she probably weighs 124 pounds and maybe more). She is a sword wielding force of nature. Pure awesomeness.

As for what you said about that show, it is completely disheartening that 124 pounds is chunky. What is worse is that message is being sent everywhere... not just on that show.

E. Jane said...

There is such a double standard for women (versus men) in our culture. I am so tired of people describing someone who is a size 10 as "fat." No wonder we are a nation obsessed with our diets and so many young girls are binging and purging on a regular basis. I know from my own experience that I would likely not be overweight now if I would have not thought I was fat at 127 pounds. I was ashamed of my body and my size 7 wedding dress. I thought I should have been a size five. With an attitude like that, I was doomed to becoming overweight as the years went on. Chronic frustration and fear will lead to compulsive overeating.

Rettakat said...

Your girls are so blessed to have you as a good role model, to counter the unhealthy message they hear from the world around them.

Joy said...

It such a sad thing. My mom was so stressed out when I was 125 pounds. She put me on a diet. Looking back at pictures, I was not fat! It was the number that freaked her out. Oh to be at that weight now!

Keep focused!