Chapter 3: Prudence and Chigger-Love bites

Today was complete crap, let's just leave it there...more money sucked down the tube so I thought I would revisit prudence and chigger....my erstwhile romantic couple concocted in a moment of utter frustration with the seemingly mind numbing array of romance novels with the same two people in them. Just sporting different hair color, but the same royal title....Duke. So I thought I would make my own...Chigger in blue will take you to chapter 2 and that in turn will take you to chapter 1, if you are so inclined. Enjoy.

Chigger bit back a scream as the dagger like teeth of his nubile but vicious hostage sank through his flesh. Chigger tried to remember how he had gotten that moray eel off his arm the year before last, but was saved from a similar maneuver by the sudden de-clenching of his captive's jaw.

"What do you think your doing?!" whispered prudence...as she spit out a chunk or two of flesh.

"I, why I am but touring my own ship to see that it's sea worthy!" Chigger's indignant reply echoed dully through the ship's hull.

"What are you doing aboard a ship bound for Tortola with nothing but a petticoat between you and 60 lusty seamen!?" exclaimed Chigger.
(who was normally a perfect gentleman, but found his chivalry was being strained to its utmost limits...much like his creamy linen shirt's Buttons strained across his completely unearned, yet somehow massive chest and brawny shoulders.)

"Well" huffed Pru, "I had no alternative! I was left utterly ruined by our night of passion and knew that I must away before I was married off to a lecherous old earl who would want nothing more of me than to slake his dusty lust on my young body and get me with his heir....anything is better than that!"
At the last, Pru turned her head and sobbed softly into her Irish linen handkerchief. (delicately embroidered with her Initials P.A.M.)

While Chigger knew this would delay his shipment of goods, and may even endanger his spy work for the British foreign office...his lineage (or inbreeding as it were) as a gentleman would not be denied.
"Well," muttered Chigger..."Since this is partly my fault..I suppose you can stay aboard till we reach Tortola. Then you will have to return to England."

Prudence kept her thoughts (few though they were) to herself and simpered..."Oh Chigger, Thank you so much...I will be forever in your debt."
(for Prudence had her own plans)
Chigger was suddenly, and inexplicably, seized by an overwhelming urge to protect Prudence...and doffing his coat he wrapped it around her wee little shoulders...The heavy coat engulfing her, nearly smothering her, such was it's size.

Prudence could smell the manly smell of Chigger emanating from the woolen cloak...the smell of sea air, leather, horseflesh, cigars..brandy, a drunken revel from a few weeks ago, stale potatoes, dust, oil, pickle brine...These smells and more wafted into Prudence Mayhew's nostrils.
She felt tendrils of desire...and a wee bit of nausea..

"Well," sighed Prudence..."we had best get that hand looked after!"
"Tis but a flesh wound" pronounced chigger...and they climbed out of the hold into the brisk sea air above.....

Till next time, when chigger finds out flesh wounds can get infected and prudence makes her own plans while trying to fend off her feelings for chigger...Will Chigger get under her skin? And what will it take to get him out? Bleach? who knows....

have a good one guys,
Chris out.


Joy said...

Very entertaining. Can't wait for the next chapter!! Bleach? Yikes!!

Have great day!

E. Jane said...

This is hilarious! You're missing your calling! Loved it! Can't wait for the next installment.

Putz said...

this came from YOUR own MIND/////????????you are more interesting than i thought<><>it was kind of a putzy story actually<><><what else is in that mind of yours???????

Hanlie said...

"his completely unearned, yet somehow massive chest and brawny shoulders"? That had me in stitches!

Putz said...

i have an unearned massive chest and shoulders but mine are are earned<><><>how can that be?????

Losing 100 said...

That was hysterical! I love the completely unearned massive chest part. I laughed my head off!