Back to the gym! and celebrating Valentines day...

I had a good workout.
I burned 570 calories on the elliptical.
did 28 pushups, 150 situps...stretched
and then did upper body weights.
Cheese and I don't agree so i will be ditching it for a while.
It makes me feel bloated.

I got my husband a card tonight and a dark chocolate bar..and I am making him his favorite soup which I will be serving to him while I wear

Something similar to this.
He gets off work at midnight..so the kids will be in bed and we will be alone.

You may ask why I am sharing this since I never share anything like this..
well, besides the fact that that is all I'll be sharing lol....
As you know, my husband and I had some rough times over the course of our marriage,
and at one point in time I pretty much laid all our ills at his feet.
Until he said something that made me stop and really think.
I was banging on him because he was always miserable.
Well, I pop off with a smart comment about how even if I was thin and the house was spotless he wouldn't be happy.
And he said
I wouldn't know, It's never happened.
Not that the house had never been spotless...
Or that I had never been thin..
But the thin window was pretty narrow....
So those two had never happened at the same time.
Now I am not saying that for him to be happy I have to be thin and the house has to be spotless.

But after tonight he will never be able to say it again.
we will see how happy it makes him.
I hope you all are having a great Valentines day, whether you are with someone or alone.
Treat yourselves well!


LN said...

"But after tonight he will never be able to say it again.
we will see how happy it makes him."

Thank you for that laugh. I really needed it today.
I bet you will look wonderful in that outfit!

Jane said...

Enjoy your special evening with your hubby! You deserve it, Chris. Happy Valentine's Day!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Have a great evening, Chris. Dail and I had our time together already and now he is crashed for the night. He has to go in early tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day.

Beginning Anew said...

I hear you! I don't feel like I have to lose weight for my husband, but I sure would like to make him super proud of me. I know if I get my spark back - it will create a hole new chapter in our lives. Hope you have a great night!

Mary Ellen said...

Ah Tim, be careful what you wish for... ;) Chris, try not to hurt him! :)

Christine said...

oh Mary ellen, but that is what may make him happy...just call me mistress. lololol.

Alexia @ dimplesnatcherblog.com said...

hahahahahah! this is grown folk talk! HA!
have...ummm...fun :)))

Rettakat said...

Ah, the perks of losing weight and feeling Sassy!
Have fun, you guys. :-)

Sheilagh said...

LoL I hope you guys had a
"Very Nice Time"....xxx

Hanlie said...

Ooohlala! I'm sure you made that man very happy, Chris! You go, girl!

R. Reed said...

Cute choice for an outfit! Hope you had a wonderful evening and it was all you wanted it to be :)

Putz said...

ohhhh oohhhhhh don't worrry, he will be happy garanteed

Robin said...

What is that saying? Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it? Ah.... bliss. Who can take it? Be sure to let us know because inquiring minds are DYING TO KNOW.

Maude said...

Lucky, lucky guy! Hope you guys had a fun V-day :D

outdoor.mom said...

You Go Girl!