It's finished....and ellipticals.

well, it's done.
I added a fixative and am calling it a day..the next thing I will be working on is doing sketches on scene...I used to do this a long time ago...
go out and do quick sketches so I can get used to it again.
do some still lifes..
reacquaint myself with hand eye...drawing what I see..and enlarging my visual library...
It will make my imaginary world larger.

and today I did the elliptical.
all ellipticals are not equal.
I like mine and hate-hate-hate the ones that are partially aided by electricity.
I also don't like the ones that don't elevate or lower..or ones you can't go backwards on..
I like my precor that reminds me of a star wars machine. (700 calories burned)
I did my situps today..
and my upper body weights..
and 30 PUSHUPS.
I run tomorrow...I am actually looking forward to it.
Hope you all had a great night.
big hugs.


Joy said...

So beautiful. And when I look at the picture and listen to the music, it makes me want to cry. Love it!!

Way to go on your exercise!! You are doing great!

outdoor.mom said...

you are amazing and i love the art!

Sheilagh said...

Beautiful Christine, you are a talented lady.



ps. I have a seperate plag for my playtime, I consider what I do playing rathere than artistic:)


bbubblyb said...

What a beautiful painting, I love the realism of her dress and the wings. Thanks for your comment you always know just what to say to make me feel better.

Retta said...

That's the hardest part for me... to get all done, then spray on that fixative and hope it doesn't change!

I really like the subtle color reflections in the shadows, on her robes and wings. I can see them when I enlarge the pic. :-)

Sunshine's Heart said...


Claire said...

She's beautiful, Chris. Can't wait to see the scenes you do.

Putz said...

a skinny talented lady

Christine said...

@ loretta, actually this time I was a bit relieved..because I had to lay down so much color to eliminate the tooth on the paper..(I won't be doing that again ;o0) The wax bloom had gotten so bad I couldn't stand it. lol.

E. Jane said...

Lovely, Christine. Yeah, you're talented and skinny too!

Robin said...

Your picture is really lovely. Amazing actually. I am awed.

Katie J ♥ said...

You are so talented Chris! Thank you for sharing with us.

P.S. I read blogs w/o volume (@work) but today I heard the music while looking at the painting and it was a perfect compliment.

Have a nice weekend!

Natalia said...

30 pushups!!! Dang that's awesome!!