am drawing.
will post picture tomorrow.
I jogged today at home..
1.5 mile walk
1.5 mile jog.
was just going to walk but wanted to hurry up.
Have a good one.
Chris out.


Mary Ellen said...

I'm glad to hear you're in the zone! :) Running through exercise to get back to your art--now that's a good incentive to get moving! :)

InWeighOverMyHead said...

can't wait to see the pic!

Alexia said...

I am living in wait :))) I remember how beautiful your last drawing was!

Weighing Well said...

love the drawing!

Joy said...

Beautiful drawing!!! So happy you are taking the time to get it done. I am frustrated with myself. I need to get some of my creative things done and I keep distracting myself with other things...stupid things like playing games. I just don't get it!! Frustates me!!

Keep focused!

jo said...

You're amazing. Super cool, smart, inspiring, plus you're an artist--impressive! =) Love the drawing.