muscle failure

It's all coming back to me now...
muscle failure...
okay first things first.
really good with the calories today..
Ever since I instituted my 'no sugar in the coffee' rule..I use splenda
A.) I have been less hungry.
B.) I have saved a buttload of calories which I can now apply to food.
C.) I haven't missed it..and that is really key.

I wish I 'd done it sooner.
So I went to the gym..I think I've said before I should just live there...lol.
And I worked out..
Today was 1mile walk, 1mile jog, 1 mile walk, 1mile jog jog....
So I go in and start with the pushups...today I squeezed out 23.
That was good.
Then I did my situps..
now let me just say...a half hour before going to work out..I did NOT want to work out.
at all.
no compunction whatsoever..but when i get like this I say to myself.
'That is how olympic athletes do it, they do it...like breathing.'
It's not optional.
So I go.
I am in training.
So I did 60 situps of varying kinds.
AFter i completed my 23 pushups.
If I do my sit ups first, it makes the pushups harder.
Then I go and walk a mile and then jog a mile.
I jog to boys of summer by Don Henley.
For some reason it is the perfect pace for me.
Plus it reminds me of Tigers baseball and Detroit.

after my first 1/1 I go down and do upper body weights..
lat pulls (3x15 @ 60 lbs)...triceps...(3x15@55lbs) lower back extensions (3x15@ 55 lbs)
and flys (3x15 @ 55 lbs)
These were hard because of the pushups.
on my second 1/1 the run was hard because I was tired..but I pushed through..and as I got through my last lap I remembered something.
I remembered how we 'improved our push-up'
We would go to muscle failure.
light dawns.
So I decide to go down after my workout and do push-ups till I face plant into the matt.
I do 10 and face plant into the mat...
I do four more and face plant.
3 more...and this time I face plant into a little pile of drool.
which causes me to begin laughing uncontrollably.
2 more and then one final humiliating pushup while grunting and nearly peeing myself....

after which I couldn't lift my arms above my head for the next hour or so..
tomorrow is simply elliptical day so I will burn calories and rest my arms...but will still do the 120 situps.
In the mornings I seem to be weighing in at 145...and at night 145.5.
Which is awesome.
As for hunger...up till yesterday I was really hungry all.day.long.
But it's better now.
I had a 6 inch black forest ham sandwich from subway with sour cream and chive baked lays and a diet coke.
It was an awesome dinner and I ate it in under 10 minutes. lol.
I am sitting at 1470 for the day...YAY!
So, on track..
I will try to be more philosophical tomorrow.


Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

SUPERWOMAN! Here to save the day!
But honestly, I bet you feel so good! After such a hard work-out, there's nothing like that feeling. Good on ya Chris!!!

Hanlie said...

One of the things I'm being to taught in NLP is to remember how things "feel". So when you write about planting your face in a puddle of drool and laughing uncontrollably, it brought to mind some of my gym exploits in the past, and how good it felt to know that you've pushed yourself that far. Thanks for the memory! It makes me want to feel that way again!

Retta said...

Actually... what you said about pushing yourself as a way to get stronger gets mighty philosophical when applied to other areas of life!

pinkvision said...

The face plant comment and laughing uncontrollably - gosh that made me laugh! Reminded me too, that once upon a time, I used to do stuff like that just because I could...swim until I was totally knackered, and be like a limp noodle for the rest of the day! But so happy as well! Have not done that in over 20 years. Thanks for the reminder, and the inspiration! And the giggle at your mind picture :)

Weighing Well said...

I think I get it now (answering my own post about motivation)It all goes back to the nike ad...


quit whining and do it(me) - you are an inspiration - when I look at that pic of you when you began - then read your blog about your work out - I am amazed....


Once again, thanks for getting out there and "doing it" You go girl!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

The guy at my gym ssid "We need to just get you a room here" yesterday. I don't think anything's put a bigger smile on my face than that...

Keep up the great work, Chris.

Joy said...

Great job!! I love how you push yourself. I am learning to do that as well. Makes me feel very accomplished!!! Keep it up you are doing great!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great sounding workout!

BTW, Boys of Summer reminds me of my early teen years.

~South Beach Steve

Weighing Well said...

p.s. Boys of Summer rules!

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

I am not sure what it is but I avoid working out I just can't bring myself to do it. :(

MargieAnne said...

You are inspiring.

I have to keep telling myself to keep things in perspective. I can't do what you can do but I can do what I can.

Coming back from another bad lapse.

Time to keep it simple.

DO it.

I really must stop making excuses.

Anne H said...

You are a machine!
work it!

Anonymous said...

Power rules!!!

Putz said...

so glad you are enjoying your food, i was so afraid that you would get used to not eating and DIE,.,.,.,.,.,.no really i thought the way you talk, you would one day not put enough in your body and die<><><><><><>really<><><>

Christine said...

@ Mr. Putz...so glad I could ease your mind. I will try to list more food so as not to distress you unduly.