two miles...watch out world. lol

well, I am feeling even better...still getting tired out pretty easy...but doing better.
I took a two mile walk today.
At first I thought it may be too much but took my camera to take some pics and felt better while I did that.
I even took a picture of the big dog that barks at me on all my outside walks.
He doesn't feel threatening...just curious.
I keep trying to upload a pic and it just won't go through...it really is irritating.
some days are better than others with the pictures.

I will get it loaded as soon as blogger allows me.

Tomorrow I know will be a back to the gym day and a logging the food day.
I am not the only with with issues getting over this stupid cold/flu/plague thing.
It is taking.for.e.v.e.r.
Tomorrow it's back otk.
I am glad I don't have tv.
Just sayin'
If I knew the actual state of t he world up to the minute I would probably be gravely concerned.
as it is, I will deal with sticker shock at the pump and pray for no mushroom clouds on the horizon.
Have a good one guys.
chris out.


jo said...

Glad you're feeling better. Stupid viruses just knock us for a loop, don't they?

I have a TV and use it. Living in a small town of 10,000, there's *nothing* to do esp. in the winter. TV to the rescue. I still don't watch that much and I do not watch the news because it depresses me. I couldn't go without some NCIS and Mark Harmon weekly. ;-)

Christine said...

yeah, I grew up in a village outside a small town. In winter there was two choices...ice fishing, tv.

Hanlie said...

I'm so glad you're on the mend! It seems that you have a dreadful flu going around in the US right now.

We also live TV-free and love it!

2fivefive said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog..and your pictures have motivated me so much:) you are gorgeous and look great! I just started a weight loss blog as I try to lose about 50 more pounds! ANYWAYS, thank you for putting yourself out there and blogging about your journey:)


M Pax said...

Glad you are feeling better and keeping at it.

Marie said...

Everyone I know is getting sick or has been. This is my third go around. Just getting back to exercise too! Feel better!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Nice to see a 'real life' situation where it would be so easy to have excuses to fall off the wagon, but you don't. Thanks for sharing and showing how to get right back up again.

Anonymous said...

So glad to read you are on the mend!

paulawannacracker said...

Chris, sorry you have that nasty crud that's going round. It takes forever to get back to one's self.

Hang in there. Glad you were able to get some fresh air and snap some pics. Good luck with uploading them.

Geez, you have no TV? You never stop amazing me. Would love to throw out the TV, but don't see it happening at least not until the days are warmer.

Take care

Robin said...

Glad you are feeling better. Yah, it is probably better about the TV. My stepdad stays riled up. Every now and then I catch some of what he is listening to and it is pretty scary stuff. I know that if I was listening to that all of the time, I would be very upset. Not good for my recovery AT ALL.