captain obvious- The Beiber edition

Captain obvious is bitter...promised a promotion, my superiors have not come through...but I shall endeavor to perservere.

I am here to warn you of a great danger...

Justin beiber.

Chris is hacking like a harp seal and has apparently caught some sort of 'virus'.
She states she will be walking the block as a show of intent to keep her every day till may promise..
But she simply doesn't feel up to blogging..or even talking...and is currently inhaling vapor steam and vicks...

So, Captain Obvious was perusing the internet (which is fascinating) When he happened to stumble across a website that seems to have the inside scoop on "THEM'.

They control the world....in fact, "THEY' may be reading this right.now....

This Alex Jones knows "people' who know things about the globalist cabal and their intent to rule the world from their super duper secret fortress that is apparently called "BOHEMIAN GROVE'.
And their front man....their public face...

Sure he looks harmless..
But is he...really....

Watch this If you dare:

Justin Beiber.....Pure evil and globalist pawn..

Obviously Done,
Captain Out.


Jane said...

Dear Captain Obvious,

I trust you are taking good care of Chris.

However, I want to thank you for uncovering this diabolical plot against our people, courtesy of the Alex Jones Agency, better know as IDIOTS, (Intelligence Dicks [oh sorry... Detectives] Immensely Out of Their Senses).

I also trust that you have the power to smite the Bieberites, now that they are exposed in their plot to take over the world. I feel as though we are in grave danger and will soon need drills in our schools that teach our children to hide under their desks at the first sound of Bieberite code, aka as a Justin Bieber song.

Keep the faith, Captain Obvious. We are stronger than you think.

Dani- danielleislosingit said...

Wow. That was harsh. I can't believe he would say such harsh things about Justin Bieber who has overcome so much.

Ok fine, that was joke.

Sankari of Yorkshire said...

I don't even know if he was joking. I had to keep pausing it because I was laughing at how 'angry' he was. By the by, wittle Justin got a haircut.

Rettakat said...

The REAL crime is that people like this guy take "some" truths and mix it up with hyperbole and totally cancel out his credibility!

I am sure he is playing to the camera... if he didn't he wouldn't have been given a show. Too bad he is going for the shock value.

He lost me when he trashed Michael Jordan. I like the guy!!

Hanlie said...

God, that was rousing! I feel like circumnavigating something now...

Ice Queen said...

That dude is crazier than a shithouse rat. *slowly comes out from behind sofa*

Justin Bieber is a stupid little twit. That child really needs to shut up about such subjects as health care, politics and a woman's reproductive rights. I don't need a lecture on choice, my country's policies or any other subject from an empty headed sixteen year old boy with he ugliest haircut on the planet. (Yes, I just had to throw the dig at the hair in there :P)

Now, I am off to circumnavigate the planet in a bathtub. Eat that, Alex Whatsyourface.

Joy said...

Who is Justin Bieber? Ahem...

Chris, I hope you get better soon!!
Take care of yourself!!!