headaches...and where ideas come from

Do I have one.
well, I did..
I ate cookies yesterday..samoas to be exact.
I thought that was the cause of my headache and body aches today.
But as I was walking on post (all I could muster through my pounding head)
I realized that my ill feeling was a direct result of an upper respiratory infection and a sinus headache.
so 2.8 miles walked.
I then stopped at the px and picked up mineral spirits..
What for?
My art.
I was reading a colored pencil book yesterday and she uses mineral spirits and Q tips to blend her colored pencil.
Apparently this creates a kind of color wash effect.
I am NOT going to try it on my current picture because I have NO idea what sort of effects it affects. lol.
In other words, I am NOT screwing around with the end results..
I am nearly finished...I am done with the wings and just have some touching up to do on the moon and the sky and then will post pictures either Tomorrow or Friday.
And Robin asked where I got the idea for this picture..
same place I get all my ideas..
from my wee skull.
I got a lot of strange things floating around in there...
We will see what pops out.
I get most of my ideas by being out amongst people.
I find people fascinating.
I could watch them for hours.
People, architecture...music, color, space....all fertile ground for ideas.
I draw strange things because I find a lot of reality incredibly boring and or beige...like a denim jumper.
So I like to spice it up a bit.
so I Add some imaginary creatures...add items that don't exist...
put in colors that probably aren't there...
and life is suddenly much more exciting.
I want to get to the point where I am doing a kind of realistic fantasy thing..
integrating the fantastical into everyday pictures until it takes a moment to really see what it is you are seeing.
love that kind of stuff...
my friend mary ellen pointed out that I never do landscapes...and that is why...it's boring.
But if I can find a way to do landscapes the 'me' way...then I will.
The only other kind of drawing I like is drawing ugly things...things that nobody notices but become interesting in their own kind of utilitarian fashion.
Things like factories and grain silos.
I like to draw slums and homeless people. Things, instances and people noone notices.
These are usually the things with the most intensity.
One of my favorite places to go and look is the gravel pit and foundry across the road from a trailer park.
It is very stark.
I like it there....I think it would be an interesting pastel or pen and ink* (probably this) drawing.
or series of drawings.
Kind of like monet's haystacks...only it would be Chris's foundry.

but till then I will keep trying to get better...
build my visual library.
So...will sign off now.
I am going to have a hot bath and go to sleep.
Have a good one!


E. Jane said...

I love it that you're really getting into your art. You should, because you're creative and talented!!!

Sheilagh said...

I look forward to seeing your artwork. I like your idea's.
If your art is on a par with your writing it wilol be amazing.

outdoor.mom said...

get better soon Chris!

R. Reed said...

i have been suffering from an on again and off again migraine for days now....it is making me nuts! But this too shall pass :)

Can't art so something for the soul and spirit? Ok, I normally don't say things like that but I have found it to be so true. I am taking a ceramics class at work again and I am just in love with it. I have gotten so enthralled but the art of it and the possibilities. It truly does something in me. So glad you are enjoying your art :)

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "realistic fantasy" thing, I remember a quote from some artist (can't recall her name) who said something like it wasn't the job of art to reproduce Reality, because one of the damn things is enough.

Art SHOULD be where you play with reality. Reproducing it is useful to practice your technique, but it's when you make your own reality that you get to have fun. Like the difference between practicing scales and playing music.

Hanlie said...

I think we all need a creative outlet... Good for your for having found yours!

Rettakat said...

Hey, guess what book I am reading right now?? "Imaginative Realism, How to Paint What Doesn't Exist" by James Gurney. I first got it from the local library, and loved it so much I bought one online.

I think you'd love his website... he is very generous with teaching, and I am still discovering treasures in his archives: http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com/

He is the author/illustrator of Dinotopia, in case you are familiar with that. :-)

Hope your headache is gone by now!

Putz said...

my dead now sister used to paint big beautiful landscapes, and now she is gone age 64, take care of yourself chrissy

Robin said...

Had a feeling that your picture was coming from your imagination. Love it. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

Amber said...

It's beautiful Chris!