In training

Hello all...
well....I am 145.5 which is not a gain, but is a craptastic loss.
two weeks on maintenance calories for a completely avoidable iron deficiency will do that to you plus Tom and his miraculous first of the month appearance (not to mention my long running nemesis..the buttered cracker).
Don't screw with your health people, trust me, it puts you further behind in the long run.
I said screw the scale for now, i put it away..in a stellar month I would lose 3-4...that isn't enough to get anyone stoked.
I am counting calories and I am in Training.
1500 calories a day.
exercise every day till may (18th) which will be my 2 year weigh in date.
Think I will do one heckuva slide show.
on my 37th birthday I will be doing a pt test..
and when I told my nine year old that she said
"Oh, kind of like a celebration"
I love it when my kid gets me.
The last pt test I had a hope in hell of passing was at the age of 19.
18 years ago.
I am going to pass this thing...and I have laid out a fitness schedule to beat all fitness schedules.

I am hoping (via numbers) to lose 3 pounds this month.
But my main focus is the army pt test.
2 mile run in under 20 minutes...
minimum 78 situps and 40 pushups Both in under 2 minutes.
I have laid out a pushup schedule, as the situps don't scare me..
I do 120 a day.
This week I will be looking to do 22 push ups every other day.
Next week it will be 24
then 26
and I am hoping to either develop faster than I think I will or that on pt test day I will have adrenalin to carry me through...which is entirely possible.
I don't know..
I have had a hard time lately turning down the extra 100 to 200 calories at night that is partly to blame for stalling or slowing my loss.
But tonight saying.."I am in training" seems to change the game for me.
Spent tonight watching a movie with my oldest and then doing a makeover with my youngest.
I went to the gym today and did a two mile walk and a mile and a half jog..then 120 situps and 20 minutes on the stairstepper..
great day food wise....1500.
See you all tomorrow.


Rettakat said...

Oooh... looking forward to one fantastic slideshow!

Amber said...

You'll do it! You don't know how not to.
Looking forward to the slide show!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Good for you. Lookin' forward to that slide show. You will do this and be awesome at it!
Have fun celebrating- neat that your daughter gets what's going on here.

Losing 100 said...

Chris! You look amazing. I haven't been on in a while, and I love your new picture. It totally motivates me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt you will rock the pt test and I can't wait for that update.

Keep on training Christine!

Hanlie said...

You go girl!

Putz said...

yes i hate to admit it, go girl

Patsy said...

Go for it! With that determination, I bet you'll do better than you did as a teenager. :o)

Beginning Anew said...

Oh the determination of a woman who knows what she wants and is ready to go for it! I like the way you broke down your goal...the research I have been doing would agree with that - sooooo following your example - will be doing the same! Can't wait to see your post when you nail the test!

paulawannacracker said...

You are amazingly determined and all inspiring!! Of course you hear that all the time but it's so true. Since creating a "training" schedule, I've been more accountable. I think training will definitely get you to your goal. Truth be told... I don't know anyone who is as determined as you...