found my art mojo...and a busy busy day.

hey guys.
I had a good day art wise..
a meh day exercise wise.
I walked a mile and did 25 situps...If that sounds half hearted, it's cause it was.
On the up side..
went to church
went to the bank
went clothes shopping
went food shopping
walked and did the situps
looked at cars I might want to buy
went home and unloaded groceries
picked up girl scout cookies for delivery
made dinner
did dishes
and am currently drawing the background for my picture..
and I planned out the curriculum for the week and balanced my checkbook.
tomorrow it's back to the gym for a great workout.
I should be finished with my angel picture by wednesday.
It's going really well...very smoothly..
and all because I laid out a frame work before starting..
giving me freedom from within the design to play around with color.
kind of like capping your calories at 1500 and doing an hour of exercise 6 days a week.
within that framework you have a ton of room to play around with food and activity.
hah! way to tie it in to dieting.
Have a great night.
Chris out.

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Hanlie said...

That was a very busy day!

I'm always surprised to see that Americans still use checks. They've all but disappeared from the scene over here... Nobody accepts check anymore. I haven't had a checkbook in more than 5 years - I pay by EFT or debit card. And of course good old cash.