when one mile feels like ten and new art.

Hey all,
back to the gym for a one mile walk and 50 sit ups.
What a month.
That one mile walk was tiring...I hacked and sniffled...but got it done.
The sit ups were nothing like usual.
I will be going for 30 minutes on the elliptical tomorrow, and back to basic food tomorrow.

I am ready to feel lean and mean again.

Today I worked on a tonal study of Secretariat.
I watched the movie last night and wanted to draw him...
But hadn't really sat down to draw a still life or portrait in...?years?
all you artists will know what I am talking about..
You wonder if you have 'lost your touch'.
I found I still had mine.
I feel more confident after having done something studious and not just fun.

So this was 2H, B, 2B and 6B on 70 lb paper 115 gsm. light tooth....which I love...

I wanted to work on recognizing mid tones vs light and dark tones and transitions while still paying attention to form...and overall tonal quality.
This was just a quick study..as you can see I focused mainly in the face with the mid tones and tried to incorporate darker tones and values to make it pop.

I am doing two or three days of technical work and two or three days of fun art...Tuesday I would like to do on location sketching...which is both really....I am actually having a lot of fun with the technical aspects now...when I was younger, not so much.
With age comes patience and an appreciation for technical skills.

So this is finished...it isn't meant to be a piece...simply a study.

Tomorrow it will be back to the gym for a heavier workout and I will start logging my food because I have been off for a bout a week now.
I can feel myself getting flabby...
Want to get that back under control and unlike Charlie Sheen...can't simply 'cure' my food issues with the power of my mind...so accountability will have to do.
Have a great night...


Kimberley said...

Glad you are on the mend.

Love the picture. What a gift you have!

Amber said...

Love the art! You have a gift and I'm glad to see you making time for it again!

Koodos on the walk.

Beginning Anew said...

glad to see you are feeling a little better! I too have been out of commission for a few days. Looks like it might take a couple more.

Love the drawing! Do you do something artistic for a living? Or is this just for fun - just curious. I am a graphic designer.

Christine said...

@ amber and kimberly...Thanks guys!
@ beginning Anew...
Right now it's just for 'fun'...but I am hoping to get good enough to do this for a living.

Laurie said...

that "study" is simply fabulous...do post more!

Robin said...

Wow. Love what you can do with a quick study. Amazing.

Oh Charlie. He's a funny guy. Actually, I think he's off his meds or something. Is he manic depressive? Something is definitely not right with him. I am surprised his family isn't all over that... Anyway... glad you are going with what you know if terms of your "accountability." LOL.

Rettakat said...

Wonderful Secretariat... accurate anatomy and what a great shiny coat! It really shines. :-)

One of the most enjoyable parts to a painting to me are the studies done before the big painting. I mean, how often does one sit around and sketch capybaras and opossums?! :-D

(ha ha ha... my word verification is: obsess)

Putz said...

natch i will only be positive in you're case, but being this sick makes it hard

Hanlie said...

I'd totally frame that "study"! It's wonderful!

Claire said...

Glad you're feeling better. Wonderful drawing, you do have so much talent. How much training have you had, Chris?

jo said...

Glad you're feeling better and on the mend. Good job with your walk and sit-ups.

Wow, amazing study there! Fantastic!

bbubblyb said...

You really do have a gift. When I see your art I think how I would love to have something in my house that you've done. Have you ever sold any of your paintings? I would surely buy one if you're ever selling *smile*. Glad you got a walk in and you're feeling better.

outdoor.mom said...

i hope you feel better soon! the picture is fabulous!!